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Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by Maximous, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. Maximous

    Maximous Rockstar

    so i am thinking of installing a system in my 2008 CC w/two 12's under the back seat, running a small amp to the stock door speakers, and installing a nice X-over, i am thinking of how to do it though, the head unit i want is like $1200 and i am leaving in a few months and wont see the truck but a few times in the next year and a half, so i was thinking instead of getting the $1200 HU i want, for right now just to be able to jam before i go i thought of just buying a 1 or 2 hundred dollar pioneer HU then once i got home later on i could install the other HU.
  2. Maximous

    Maximous Rockstar

    so what do yall think of that idea?
  3. cdunbar29

    cdunbar29 Rockstar

    what the hell are u getting for a head thats 1200? and i guess if u have the money then its a good idea, get the 6000ub, its what i have in my truck, it has a ipod control and decent screen set-up for not that much coin, but also has a great amount of sub controls and filters...and also a fully controllable eq.
  4. 04sierracrewcab

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    kinda sounds like a waste to spend any money untill you get back what kind of 1200 dolllar hu?
    i got an estimate for one @ circut city for 1100 its a touch screen dvd player w nav. and xm
  5. Maximous

    Maximous Rockstar

    is the newer pioneer touch screen, the 6 disc dvd/cd changer. the only reason i want to get it before i go is because i have been talking myself out of getting a system for about 5yrs now, i just miss bass, i even caught myself telling my wife that i would just put a system in her car since she would still be here to use it, but then it occured to me that she would have to drive my truck and that idea kinda died there :lol:
  6. Maximous

    Maximous Rockstar

    any body have any expieriance with the rockford 12in shallow subs?
  7. mehoff400

    mehoff400 Rockstar 100 Posts

    i got 2 rockford fosgate 10's P1's in my truck and replaced the front speakers sound good enough for me ..... why don't you just keep your stock head unit for now??? thats what i did until i got the money i want to spend on a nice one and get an alarm at the same time
  8. Maximous

    Maximous Rockstar

    i might do that, i am looking at the P3 shallow subs, apparently not to many people like the shallow sub idea, but i have yet to read anything bad on the P3 shallows
  9. identityPRS

    identityPRS Rockstar 100 Posts

    i installed the rockford slimline sub at my job the other day. it sounded good. the only thing you have to keep in mind is the placement of the sub. if you were to throw it in the trunk on a car or sontehing, you wouldent hear it until it was blasted all the way up, then it would sound like crap. so, being that we have trucks, the sub is in the same "compartment" as you, therefore resulting in a better sound. theres nothing "wrong" with the shallow mounts, they are just not as loud. i have a 10" kicker l7 in my truck. its behind the seat. i lost maybe one click in the seat, and its more than what i need. i think you will be fine with the rockford....
  10. MoBillyAla

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    IMO fight the urges, until you come back. You'll have so much money that you can pay cash and and get what you want. We get on average an extra $500-700 a month over there. Setup an alllotment or separate account so the spouse can't spend it.(i,m putting as close to $500 a month in a 2nd account while I'm gone for example)..But if you can handle spending the money now then I guess go ahead, but just remember how long its gonna be sitting up and how "outdated" it will be when you get back..just my 2 cents
    War Eagle!

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