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  1. rockrash

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    Hi all.....I recently traded my 05 Tahoe LT for a 2009 Tahoe LT. Anyway its time to start the mods. Im starting out simple and want to change the DRLs to amber lights. For the life of me I cant figure out how to get the headlight assemblies out so I can make the switch. I have the two bolts from the core support out and have wiggled the lights loose but cant get them to come out of the vehicle. I cant get my hands in behind the assemblies to make the switch either.
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  2. bob13

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    I don't know the answer to your question but you should try posting in the "audio,video, electrical forum. Good luck!
  3. Montana

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    Same problem here. I called my friend at the local chevy stealership and he faxed me the directions. There is a hidden bolt behind the wheel house liner. in otherwords, you have to open up the front half of the wheel well and there is a bolt in the lower, outside of the lamp assembly. :grrrrrr: They had a good thind until 2007, now they want you to go in to get a headlight changed. HTH

    Kalispell, MT
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    Remove headlights

    Wiggle it til it comes out. Sometimes the hole is misaligned just a bit.
  5. trojans1981

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    yeah u have to almost remove the whole front bumper in order to change your lights

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