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  1. NCmarine

    NCmarine New Member

    I just recently bought a '97 Tahoe, 4dr, 4wd. I am looking to put a small lift and bigger tires on it. Are there any suggestions on what places to look for cheaper parts? Also looking to do some cosmetic with brushguard and fender flares. I am completely open to any new suggestions.
  2. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Hey, welcome to the site. Are you going to do this yourself through mail order (online), or are you going to have it done somewhere for you like an offroad shop?
  3. ARNIE

    ARNIE Rockstar

    Welcome........since you live in NC the first place I will suggest is Tarheel 4WD Center in Charlotte, also online check..........Summit Racing and Offroad Design, Inc.

    As far as tires go just start visiting tire stores, especially good localy owned stores with a good reputation, and research, research,research to find the tire suitable to the job you want it to do. The price difference in tires is crazy. I have seen the same offroad tire at 3 tire stores with a variation of $75 per tire.

    Be careful not to go "too big" with all your stock stuff. The transmission in your vehicle needs plenty of cooling with big tires added. Make sure you have a good transmission cooler. If you plan on doing any serious offroading, gear ratios will be become a big issue as will the stock 1/2 ton 10 bolt rear diff in your truck.

    Happy shopping and have fun.
  4. NCmarine

    NCmarine New Member

    New owner

    I am mainly just looking to do some minor lift for cosmetic reasons more than serious offroad. This is going to become my baby, that I will just put a little here and a little there into, until there isnt anything left to do. My biggest concern is if I even need the lift, I am trying to look online and see just how much bigger tires I can put on without requiring a lift to keep from rubbing.
  5. NCmarine

    NCmarine New Member

    Stock Tire and Wheel Size

    Would anyone be able to tell me what the Stock Tire and Wheel Size is for a 97 Tahoe. I am in Iraq, and I had my wife buy the Tahoe. I am wanting to know the stock size so that I can go ahead and by the new tires and wheels and have them shipped home. Also, if anyone has any recommendations for a type of tire for a simple 2" Body Lift.
  6. ARNIE

    ARNIE Rockstar

    That tire is probably in the range of a 245/175 16, although some did come with 15" wheels. Have you wife find the tire size on the tire. As far as new ones with a 2" lift you should be able to go to like a 31 x 10 or 33 x 10 and you may even be able to go to a 12" wheel. Again, that is advice that some of the offroad websites should be able to supply a lot more accurately.
  7. woody

    woody New Member

    cheaper parts

    have you tried ebay? they sometimes have fools who wreck their trucks and can only sell parts or their wives are selling parts to get back at them for cheating. you never know.....
  8. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    I have seen more than once a woman sell a vehicle for far under market value to "get even" with her husband / ex-husband. It's more emotional to them, even though they could easily sell it for more money and then buy the stuff they want.
  9. gonefirefighting

    gonefirefighting New Member

    lift answers for the guy in iraq from a guy in iraq

    i find it pretty funny that you are in here asking the same questions i was a while ago. since then i have done alot of research on my tahoe as well (97 4 door) and with the help of alot of freinds in high places i have this following list of components that work perfectly in all aspects.

    as far as the lift goes, pro comp makes the best engineered lift for the tahoe by far, there best lift is actually there largest wich is the 6 inch. this lift comes with 4 shocks and add a leaves in the rear. if you have the auto track (98 or newer) you will have to get the new drive outputs for the front. some of the additional components to this lift are not nessecary but i would highly reccomend them regardless of what kind of use. these include the dual front shock set up with hoops, steering stabilizer package and the rear traction bars. the front shock set up will save your angles and geometry sag and lengthen your tire usage after time, the steering stabilizer set up will benefit you on the off road hits and any possible tire sway at high speeds and the traction bars are a must even on dry pavement to prevent axle wrap and spring stress on fast take offs and other high torque applications.
    this set up will comfortably fit 35x12.50x17 tires mounted on 17x9 wheels without any fender trimming or wheel backspacing.
    as far as gearing goes i would go with a swap to 4.56 gears in the front and rear. this will pu tyou at about 2800 rpms at 60 mph with the 35 inch meats, which is a very nice set up for freeway and gives you great response out of the hole as well off road.
    while you are digging into the differentials i would reccomend slapping in a eaton electric locker on the rear. it will save you in the long run on install costs and it will make a huge difference on off road and poor weather traction. there is currently nothing you can out in the front end due to its small size and weak components but the locked rear will make a off road monster out of the rig.

    the best place (and cheapest) i have found for all of these comonents is 4 wheel parts wholesalers

    trust my advice, i have bought all of the components listed and used them already on leave and for the price of 7100.00 for lift, shocks, hoops, bars, tires and wheel mounted and balanced, gears and a locker you cant go wrong. if you want more links or info drop me a line
  10. gonefirefighting

    gonefirefighting New Member

    by the way, i would seriously steer away from a body lift application for you rig, the two inches gained from a cheap body lift will produce alot more problems in the long run with things like shifting linkages, brake lines and depending on the driving conditions you are going to be in you could possible damage body mounts. and if you run bigger tires with out a suspension lift and only a body lift you will have sever bumping and rubbing on the frame. after time this will cause alot of proplems. body lifts are very tempting due to there price and ease of self install but the ramifications are very noteworthy if you dont want to have problems down the road. and looking back at your question about fender flares, due to the body of the 97 tahoe bushwaker does not make cut out flares but the do make "extenda flares" wich are simialar to what is on the stock suburbans fromm 99 on up. another option you could go is fiberglass clips on the front wich are swelled to meet suspension travel of larger tires and are primarily used in baja racing applications but they are much more expensive than flares (430 for a pair) and will require painting. fender trimming on the tahoe is unfourtunately a no go due to the tight body configurations in the rear. in our case a suspension lift is the only way to really clear the meats.

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