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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by bmass2844, Nov 8, 2009.

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    So apparently the previous owner of my truck tried to do a port and polish on the throttle body. Not sure why, but its all scarred up. I never noticed it, but the dealership saw it at last oil change. I know they come with a special coating on the tb to help airflow and keep gunk from building up on the butterfly valve. Anyways so im on the market for a new tb. I found some pretty good deals on a BBK and a professional products tb. First question, is an 85mm tb too big? Only current mods are CAI and flowmaster muffler. I can get the bbk 85mm for about 269, and the Professional products 85mm for about 245. Should i save the 25 and go with a cheaper brand? or is bbk really worth the price? or should i save about 50 and go with an 80mm? any inupt is appreciated. Especially anyone that has installed one of these 2.
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    ok so no one has ever replaced their throttle body with one of these? Summit brand, trickflow specialties, BBK, anything? i would really like to hear something from someone. thats a lot of money to spend blindly. I have found reviews on other sites. Apparently mustang drivers love BBK. Just wondering what the silvy people are saying.
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    On my last truck which was a 2005 Silverado 1500HD, it was the 5.3 motor with a K&N FIPK 77 series intake and dual exhaust and I swapped the stock throttle body out for a 90mm LS6 throttle body from a 2006 Corvette. I used my Hypertech Hyperac to change the air fuel ratio, but it wouldn't adjust it far enough and the truck ran severly rich. The exhaust tips dripped black soot badly, and the idle was always irradic even though I adjusted all of that. I had a hell of a time with it, I eventually asked a performance shop on there thoughts and they said I would need a custom tune in order to dial it in correctly. I paid $400 for that throttle body, and I sold it for $100 just to get rid of it and I never looked back. I know it's not after market, but that's my experience with an OEM swap.
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    thanks for the input. i dont think im gonna go as big as you did with the 90mm. i dont believe i will have any problems with the 85 though. I think im gonna go cheaper and get either the summit brand or the professional products. I heard PP bought the casting blueprints from BBK and they just slap their label on there. After i get it on, i might go to a speed shop to have him calibrate the pcm to my mods. well wish me luck!

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