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    I am looking to find out how makes " Trail Mark " tires? When I bought my '96 Chevy Suburban it had new tires on it, that was about 4 years ago and the tires that are on it are still in great condition but someday they will be needing replaced and I enjoy the ride of these tires.
    So I would like to know who manufactures these tires and if they are available here in Canada.

    Thanks a lot,

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    looks like a company called republic makes them . When I googled it I also found that goodyear had a trademark on the name in 2012

    Then I found that Kelly sold trail mark also

    I suggest you google the exact information that is on your tire: Trail mark Radial APR, Trail Mark M/S. What ever it may be and look for a picture that matches your tire tread pattern. I hope that I was some sort of help
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    They are made by Goodyear and are made along side of goodyear wranglers, trail marks have gone through some changes so they don't have as wide a selection on styles anymore. I always had these on my suburban until they went to a style more like Bridgestone duellers Road tires. They no longer have a separate AT or MT tire like they used too. So I bought a set of Dunlop max traction mud rovers and simply put they are the best tire I have EVER had on a vehicle, I even had the famed BFG AT before these and I hated them and only kept them on for a month. Seeing you live in Canada thought that might help, yes they are a mud tire but have great grip in snow and ice here in MN

    - - - Updated - - -

    I just looked at your photo and can tell you have more of a street tire application then AT or MT, the mud tires I mentioned above are currently on my pickup and my suburban is riding on Kelly (goodyear owned) safari trex, they offer a great ride and are a 10 ply tire so a very puncture resistant.
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    Trail Mark Tires

    Thankyou very much for the imfo on where my tires can be purchased and who makes them.I have had a great amount of use with them, best tire I have ever had in 20 years or more.
    Thanks to all who helped me on tyhis,
    Dave Beveridge,
    Burlington,Ontario, Canada.

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