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    These tires are made in South Carolina , USA .


    Radical new tire design by Michelin.
    The next generation of tires.
    They had a pair at the Philadelphia car show.

    Yes, those are 'spoke' like connections to the inner part of the tire from the outside tread 'wrap!' The next picture shows how odd it
    looks in motion....

    These tires are airless and are scheduled to be out on the market
    very soon.
    The bad news for law enforcement is that spike strips will not work
    on these.
    Just think of the impact on existing technology:
    A. No more air valves...
    B. No more air compressors at gas stations...
    C. No more repair kits...
    D no more flats...
    These are actual pictures taken in the South Carolina plant of Michelin.

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  2. goodie

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    talk about a b*tch to clean out the mud and whatever else would get stuck in there.
  3. drumrob

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    Tell me about it I can't imagine 35" tires full of mud after of froading!!!!!!!!!!
  4. TRPLXL2

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    I wonder how much they cost, I bet that they would be good on a Corvette because I am sure they are made of light weight aluminum which would be good for a fiberglass car. I can't see these going on trucks, because of towing issues and there durability under extreme weight.
  5. ippielb

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    Burn out + these tires = [​IMG]

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