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    My dad has a 91 C1500 silverado 2wd, 5spd 6cyl that he bought from my grandmother when my granddad passed to help with funeral expenses. Since then, he hasn't done anything extra to the truck and we've only done routine maintenance. The truck doesn't get driven very often since he has a work vehicle and I drive it when I need the extra space, or to help him haul something, or if my car is down to be worked on.

    Recently he asked me about getting some aftermarket parts, wheels, lowering springs (no use in lifting a heavy 4wd 6cyl truck) etc. since my granddad was into cars as well as my father and I are. He thinks my granddad would've like to see a little something done to the truck.

    So here's my questions and requests for you guys:

    So I've searched around and found the style of wheel I think is going to look good on the car as well as what size I feel would look the best. I think a 20in wheel with a tire with a decent sidewall would be ideal, but he was thinking smaller. Since he's against the 20's I've convinced him to stick with at least 18's. Can any of you post some pictures of 18in wheels as well as 20 in wheels on a similar model truck with a decent series sidewall?

    My next question is what's a good site to get aftermarket parts? I know all about ford stuff and the sites to get what I want for that, but I'm unfamiliar with chevy sites...well when it comes to trucks. I know exactly were to get performance and aftermarket parts for chevy cars.

    What I'm looking to do first is get new headlights/driving driving lights/corner lights. All clear, and possibly smoked if they make those for this truck. Lowering, and wheels and tires come soon thereafter.

    here's the truck:
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    Well since the truck is a '91 a lot of people check out LMCTruck.come also has a lot of good stuff and at good prices. Always look for a coupon code prior to purchase though.
    Maybe you could change out the hood deflector or just take it off? IMHO it might take away from the classicalness (<--is that a word? lol)
    Also, if you go to an auto parts store look for the cleaning product "pink stuff" it is literally pink so it's hard to miss. I did detail work with my dad growing up and it helps restore the headlights somewhat by cleaning off the dinginess. You could also get some chrome polish to polish up the various chrome accessories. Oh and i don't recommend using the pink stuff on interior plastics as it may discolor the plastic if you leave it on too long. However, it would be good to get the white lettering on the tires white again if used with a wire brush.

    Truck definitely looks to be in good shape, how is the interior?
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    Thanks for the info. I'll need to get a picture of the's pretty much a 10/10. The seat is in perfect condition with no discoloration or tears, the dash is perfect with no cracks, and the carpet is stain free. The paint is ok with a little fading since we can't garage it right now, but I'll be going over it pretty soon with a good detailing. I'm not too focused on the tires right now since we're looking at new wheels and tires, and I do have some chrome polish that I'll be using for the chrome pieces. I'm also not too worried about the headlights since I was looking to get some new ones possibly smoked. I know at least I'll be getting clear corner markers and if I don't get clear headlights and driving lights I'll check for that stuff to clean the driving lights up. I've also had good luck wet sanding and polishing headlights to get them back to near perfect condition :)

    I'm honestly a little iffy about the bug deflector as well, but my granddad put it on, so it'll be up to my dad if he wants to take it off since the truck has sentimental value as well.

    I will definitely check out those sites for parts. :)
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    I have had success with,, and As for wheels, I would not recommend large diameters, unless the urban look is what you are after, and don't care about resale. It's just my opinion, but someone who would give you a good price for that ride will likely pay more if it looks more like stock. I just replaced headlights because mine were hazy all the way through (1997). Anzo has a good selection that fit that truck, and was the retailer I bought them from. The ones that are replacement for stock were $100 a pair. They also make smoke, LED, halos, and most everything you can imagine. Check out some of the other threads about headlights on here. Halos & High Intensity are not plug & play!
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    oh and i almost forgot never bought anything from there myself but they seem to have quite a big of fun stuff. jegs and summit are where i usually do my shopping if its not something i can get from my local auto parts store (advanced auto parts, autozone, o'reilly's, etc).

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