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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by KrushemK, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. KrushemK

    KrushemK New Member

    Hi. I have never tried to join a forum before. I'm in a bad situation with my truck:( :( I have had it towed to 2 shops so far. one told me my sparker computer is broken. One told me my computer computer is broken. I had both replaced and the truck still won't start! I have let both shops fix what they said was broken and they still can not figure it out. One was the Chevy dealership!! They say its electronical because it keeps making fuses go bad.

    My truck is a 2000 Chevrolet S10 pick up with the small engine 2 wheel drive. It makes the computer fuse go bad once someone replaces it. automatically goes bad.

    im sorry if this is too long of a story.I know nothing about cars at all:(

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    Im sorry.I didn't read the rules first.

    im Katrina from Daphne Alabama. I will fix my signature and stuff when I read up on how to do that.
  2. DrumBound

    DrumBound Member

    If it is your ECMB fuse it it probably your fuel pump assembly. Just had the same problem with an 01 Tahoe. Basically when the pump is about to go bad it blows that fuse. Not to mention there is a wire on the pump side that tends to chafe and ground itself out. A temp fix would be to go with a higher rated fuse just to get it home. But IMO that is not practical because you risk damaging you ECM. Let me know if it helps.
  3. KrushemK

    KrushemK New Member

    I don't know much about cars but I was warned once before to never use a different fuse by a guy I dated a long time ago. I wish I still knew him now he was a really good mechanic just a butt hole with everything else.

    Is there a way to check it before I buy the part and pay to have it put in? It's pretty expensive and I'm afraid to spend more on it. I'm trying to save up to buy a newer one. one with the bigger engine. Everyone has been telling me the small engine has all the problems.
  4. DrumBound

    DrumBound Member

    Is it your ECMB fuse that is blowing? Yes, I would agree with him. The circuit isn't rated at the higher amperage and you risk damaging other components connected to that circuit. A way to check would be to disconnect your fuel pump and see if the fuse still blows. If it does then it is another item connected to that circuit. Typically I would unplug all items on that circuit and see if it blows. If it does then there is a wire grounding out somewhere. If not then plug in one thing at a time until it blows. The last thing you plugged in would be the issue. But as you said, you don't know much about cars, so I would just disconnect the fuel pump and see what happens. Granted the vehicle won't start. But it'll give you a baseline. Let me know.
  5. KrushemK

    KrushemK New Member

    thank you.

    i just got fuses too. There are some wires near a manifold I'm going to try to move around too. I have another post in another part of this website. I'm borrowing my moms car till I can get my truck going again. I'm not in a hurry yet.but I really need my truck back:( I really appreciate the help so far:) I don't feel so helpless now. I hate to keep asking questions but how do I reach the fuel pump to unplug it? and where is it exactly? I looked it up and it's supposed to be inside the gas tank. I see a plug under it but it goes to a box with a pipe on it to the gas tank. it doesn't look like the fuel pump picture online either.
  6. DrumBound

    DrumBound Member

    Sorry for taking so long. The electrical connector is at the top of your fuel tank. If you have small enough hands you MIGHT be able to reach up there and disconnect it. Problem is you won't be able it, and also the retaining clip that holds it in will be near impossible to remove without looking at it. There should be a video on youtube showing replacement of it.
  7. KrushemK

    KrushemK New Member

    Thank you. I looked it up and its what you said up in can't reach it:(and it's pretty dirty if I look with a flashlight. I really don't have the clothes tools or the body type to be working on cars and Im afraid to make it worse. I tried to take my wheel off before on a car I had and I couldn't get the bolts off even if I jumped on the tool. I called a few repair shops today and one said they could put a fuel pump in it but they won't promise it will fix said they would look at it if I towed it to them but they're in Florida about a hour away.ive heard that before the last times. One shop told me that across the bay here in Alabama there is a car electrical man that can fix anything on any car and has a bunch of trucks like mine.haha.maybe he can fix mine or trade me for one with the big engine:) The man said to call back Monday and he knows a guy that knows him which is kinda how stuff works here. but that is still kinda far too.

    Thank you so much!! I will keep you updated:) I opened a photobucket account. If I ever get this fixed I will take some pictures of it. been a good truck until this one day. I have a feeling that my truck never needed all this other stuff and its the fuel pump.
  8. KrushemK

    KrushemK New Member

    I am having it towed to Mobile Alabama today. I talked to the guy yesterday. He said he guarantees he can fix it:) it's still a little over a hour away but he told me its $100 to tell me what exactly is wrong with it and then he goes from there if I want to fix it or not.I hope it isn't that bad as the dealer said.
  9. KrushemK

    KrushemK New Member

    My truck runs!!it was a wire under the hood. He got it started in about a half an hour. my truck has always been a little loud and he said its not supposed to be loud like it is. he has a bunch of trucks like mine and he started 2 of them up and you can't even hear them run! He told me it needs a manifold and a pipe in the front? and can fix it for $400. he has all the parts already. Normally I would think that is a little suspicious but he has all the parts to my truck already lol. I told him to fix the pipe and he also has a back bumper in my color to that is like new. Mine is pretty bad:( he said $100 for the bumper. I told him I wasn't it also.

    Im soooooo excited!! Did I also mention he's cute? lol. really cute!! and has big muscles to!! Wow!

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