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Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by udontknowjack, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. udontknowjack

    udontknowjack Rockstar

    if i lower my 07 sliverado 1500 2/3 front, 4/5 rear....will that change the load/tow capacity?
  2. Dj Friction

    Dj Friction Rockstar 100 Posts

    I'm not a real expert in the lowering thing, however are you lowering by changing out the suspension, springs, shorts, ???

    If you are it will change the load capacity, due to clearance issues.
    Now for the tow, I don't know, but you may have issues with drive train alignment??

    you may want to really evaluate the whole picture before dropping a lot of money into the lowering, if you still want the tow/load capacity!!

    Just a thought
  3. Toymyster

    Toymyster Rockstar 100 Posts

    Really depends on how much you lower it and what method you use. If you use drop spindles and flip the Axle, No, it shouldn't.

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