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  1. Hi my name is carl ive just bought a 1993 Gmc Yukon 2 dr 4x4 and am looking to find out if anyone knows of a bumper /spare tire carrier? Feel free to respond back.
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    Carl instead of buying a new bumper and tire carrier you should run away from that truck as fast as possible all it'll ever give you is an empty wallet and the desire to spend more and more money fixing it up.
    But to answer your question there are a few small specialty fabrication companies that make Bumper/tire carriers for that yr/model truck but due to the lack of popularity its a speciality item that'll cost you.
    Try googling and trolling through the results you'll find some info.
    The fender sides on that particular model truck were never meant to take that amount of weight so I would stick with the plan of a bumper/tire carrier. Warrior Products makes real nice Bumper/Tire carriers for other vehicles and if I were looking I'd probably start my search there, maybe find one of theirs that I could modify to fit or use their design to have a local fabricator build one to fit. They use an innovative roller bearing design that makes the carrier swind out much better than others.
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    Welcome to the G M T C ! You might try Ranch Hand's web site and see what they have to offer.
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