new to this forum 1990 suburban 1500 4wd 280,000 miles , weird problem long...

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    Hello all I just joined this forum in the hope that someone out there has come across my really strange problem (not personal, mechanical). I think this is a stumper, so here goes. I have a 1990 Suburban with 5.7l v8 gas auto trans. 4wd. Ca car. So I am driving to Wash. state and run into traffic in Portland, it is stop and go for 45 minutes, I have been driving since early morning with no problems. So I get out of the stop and go and put my foot on it a little, and the motor lurches and backfires a little. I then ease the throttle on and it seems to accelerate fine but I am just barely putting it on as if I go harder it pops again. After I get up to speed and after about 10-15 minutes of driving, the problem goes away. I can put the pedal down and it works just fine. This never happens on shorter trips 50 miles, only when I go cross country and run it a long time. It happens this way quite a bit. If I stop for a meal where the car sits for 45 minutes or so it doesn't happen, if I stop for a short period at a rest stop it does.
    Any Ideas

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