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Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by IdahoChevy91, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. IdahoChevy91

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    Hey everyone, I just wanted to show everyone my new toy in my truck that I got yesterday. Its a Uniden Bear Tracker BCT-7 police/fire/ems scanner. Its in perfect condition and I only shelled out $40 for it. Currently I have it mounted next to my CB on the dash, and right now have the antenna on the top of my truck connected to the scanner instead of the CB. Just wondering what everyone thinks, and does anyone know of a good antenna for a scanner instead of a 62" whip? Thanks 2011-11-01_17-21-29_493.jpg 2011-11-01_17-21-41_11.jpg
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    Dont get me wrong, I like scanners, but I dont see how its useful in the truck. How does it help you? Around here that stuff on your dash would last about 30 minutes in the right parking lot....or any of our malls!
  3. IdahoChevy91

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    It mainly helps because I drive long distances quite a bit on the highway and it's good to know of any accidents, or other obstacles, plus I get an alert whenever a cop within 2 miles uses their radio so it helps keep me driving the speed limit for the most part until I can get a decent radar detector. And the reason I can have it on my dash is because I live in Boise Idaho, and surprisingly enough, people leave their car windows down or their car unlocked, and stuff very rarely gets stolen. Now Caldwell and Nampa Idaho are different lol.

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