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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by Sierraowner5.3, Feb 4, 2012.

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    @Sierraowner5.3, if it were me and if the reasons you state are the ONLY reasons you are looking at a 2012 truck, I'd get a second, used, relatively fuel-efficient automobile. The concept is simple: Used costs less than new and is likely something you can buy outright or pay off very rapidly. In addition to having no interest or paying very little of it ... you will save money on fuel. You preserve your truck and in the event that something happens to one vehicle there's a second one for use. Such redundancy provides you the peace of mind you seek ... at a reduced cost. And what do you do with all the savings? Stash it for the child and use it for any repairs that might come up...

    That's what I'd do. It checks off the key items you mentioned ... at a lower cost that benefits the kid. Plus you'll likely need two vehicles when you get back and this approach solves that, too. Now if you're just using the items you mentioned as excuses to get a new truck because you want one, fine -- but stop making excuses!
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    I like the few year older model to take the 30% loss in value when you drive it off the showroom floor. Trucks cost a LOT nowadays. If you get the 4x4 get a step for Momma. If you get a Chev or GMC get bed rail covers the rails will not support any weight, if you lean on them they will dent.
  3. Sierraowner5.3

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    thanks for the advice all, have to take it back to the dealer today, im gonna see what they have to say payment wise, and what they might throw in for accesories.

    my wife does have a little malibu to drive around in, and not that its a bad car, its small, so it gets good mileage, its still a beer can, and beer cans crumple far to easy for my liking. its mostly a peace of mind safety thing, it shouldnt have any issues, if it does, itll have a warrenty, a car seat fits WAY better (tried it last night, infant rear facing ones are huge) plus the whole onstar thing, while I am not a huge fan of it (the 05 has it, just not signed up) there is something to be said for pushing a button and getting help. (assuming you can connect to the service)

    I know ill eat a ton of money in depriciation, but this is the kind of truck I wanted when I bought the 05, the dealer just didnt have any that I liked enough to buy, when I bought it at the time.

    the car seat in the back of my 05 pkus a bag or two, and the cab is full. this will have room to spare, plus when there is a another little one(wife informed me we are having at least 2.... lol) there will be room for another car seat. not so much in my 05, as i have to have the drivers seat all the way back for me to be comfortable. ergo no room for a car seat behind me.

    the 05 is/was always a interm truck, im looking at keeping this one a long time (were i to buy it)

    safety and room to grow into is the biggest issue, and for me the 05 doesnt really cut it.

    ill just have to see what the dealer says.

  4. billnorman

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    Whatever you do get a 4 DOOR the extended cab has horrible back seats.
  5. SurrealOne

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    And the truth finally comes out. It's ok to say you want it just because you want it ... without all the 'safety and room to grow into it' rationalization. We're not your wife! I hope you get it at a price you can stomach. Good luck!
  6. Coach24

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    Good luck on getting a fair price for your dream machine. Negotiations are paramount to getting a satisfactory outcome.
  7. Sierraowner5.3

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    i took it back and left it there, the payments didnt work for me, nor what they wanted to give me for trade in.

    it is what it is.

  8. billnorman

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    I'm still gonna suggest a few things, although Alex is probably not in the best mood. Any mods to your truck reduce its value. 2012 trucks cost too damn much. You can get a really good deal through Costco buying programs, no negotiation necessary. You would probably have to sell your truck yourself unless you take it back to stock configuration.
  9. marko54

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    You know what, its probably for the best. A dealer trick is letting someone take home a vehicle before the deal is final. the thought is the buyer will fall in love with the vehicle and then commit to a payment they cant or didnt want to make. you will find another truck.
  10. Coach24

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    Exactly. If they really want to sell you, they will call you back. In themeantime there are more than one sealer who sells gm

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