New Under Seat Safe for Long Guns, ETC.

Discussion in 'Mobile Security Plus' started by RGNewell, Nov 7, 2013.

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    I have designed a new safe for the 2007 and newer Sierra and Silverado Crew Cab. This will fit the 2007 to 2013 and the new 2014 1500 series. The safe will 55" wide, 13" front to rear and 4.5 " deep in the rear and 6" deep in the front.
    It will be made from 12 gauge cold rolled steel and have one door. It will be a simple bolt-in installation using my new design theft resistant brackets. MSRP will be $750, which is less than half the price of similar units that are not as secure. Under normal selling practices, it would cost forum members $675 with the 10% discount. Normally, I allow pre production orders at regular price less discount, but this unit will be different. Members wanting to order upfront with a $200 deposit will be offered this new unit at 20% off making it $600. The new theft resistant mounting kit will be 12 gauge Stainless Steel and will have a lower introductory price of $50.00. If you have interest in buying or have questions, please post them here or send ma a message.
    As interest increases, I will put an order form on the website.
    Bobby Newell
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    Let's see some pics when you get these ready to go.
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    Very nice security box...should be a good seller..
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    The first production run and the prototype have sold out and more should be available in three weeks. Law enforcement is a big buyer as are Skeet & Trap shooting clubs.
    Photos of final revision installed in 2014 Denali:

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