Newb buying a 97 2500 burb

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    New guy here with some questions. I am buying a 97 Suburban 2500 with a 454. What are known problems? What shoul I look for? Im going to be towing my jeep with it. anything I should do to it?
  2. bigbike

    bigbike New Member

  3. Jamm3r

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    It will have had a hard life because nobody buys a 2500 burb to use for milk runs. Be aware that the supply of used parts for these has been depleted by the cash-for-klunkers program so in practice major parts (transfer case, rear axle, transmission, engine) are going to have to be rebuilt instead of being replaced with used.

    If a 4x4 check the front suspension, half shafts, CVs, and steering components closely as they have usually started to fail by this point and can be very expensive to repair especially if there are multiple problems. If you're paying top dollar you should take it to an alignment shop and have them try to align it, also have them pull the drums on the rear axle to see how much trouble you're in brake wise.

    If you care about the A/C be sure it all works as repairs can be very expensive.

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