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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Sir Koscoe, Feb 4, 2013.

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    it depends on where the line is running. If it is a straight line or has bends. You can buy a tube bender cheap. But, I had to drop the gas tank on my 95 to change a line. I could be any of the lines.
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    well........i hope it is easy then
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    Since it is leaking this is not a big issue but, a flush of the brake lines would be helpfull also.
    To answer your question about tools you can use regular wrenchs on the fittings. However the "correct" tool would be to use line wrenchs. They almost look like open end wrenchs, but the difference is the open part isn't as large as the regular open end wrench.
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    Thanks for the info. I did not know there were such things. I may look into a set.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Was under the truck for a little bit yesterday trying to figure out how to replace gas tank straps. One broke off the other day only to realize that the previous owner had a ratchet strap holding that part of the tank up. I will be fixing the breaks this weekend and replacing the rusted/broken gas tank straps (and getting rid of the ratchet strap).


    Does the end that does not get bolted in just slide into the slot on the truck?

    It seems the more I dig the more little issues I find....oh well, the joys of buying an older truck.
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    So finally got to fixing the truck this past weekend. The Front brake line that runs to the pass side was rusted out. Replaced that and bled the brakes. I still need to bleed the brakes again, but I have more pedal than I did before. Also, replaced one tank strap, becasue there was a ratched strap in its place when I bought the truck. I could get the other strap out because one on the break lines was wedged between the frame and the tank so it wouldnt let the strap down. Its not rusted, but figured I would replace it while i was under the truck. All I need now is a factory exhaust and the major issues will be taken care of.

    Anybody want to trade me their factory exhaust + cash for my dual set up?

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