Newbe from WI, TT '06 Silverado x-cab, Z-71 4x4

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    My second Silverado. First one was a 97, X-cab, Z-71,5.7, 6.5 box, 222k on the odo. It was a very good truck. The second was an '06, same specs, except for the motor. The new one has a 5.3, and 60k on it. Both trucks had the 341;1 axles in them. My last truck got 15 city and 21 hi-way. This new one is worse in millage. 13 city and 19 hi-way. The last truck had an Accelerator performance dual exhaust. I just put on a Magnaflow dual exhaust on the new truck. On the Accelerator, I lost my spare and it was not stainless, but it sounded better, no drone going down the hi-way. The new Magnaflow sounds OK, looks nicer, it's stainless, and I kept my spare in tact. I work in maintenance for a big company. Travel out west. Hunt and fish. Into motorcycles. Have three grown children, and two cute grand daughters.
    Cheers TT
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    Welcome! :great:
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    Welcome to the club Tom, it's good to have you here. :glasses:
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    Welcome to the site!!
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    Welcome to the G M T C !

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