newbee question on 06 silverado trans service

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by 6T7GOAT, Nov 1, 2008.

  1. 6T7GOAT

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    New to this forum, looks like a very imformative place. I recently purchased a 06 silverado with 50k miles on it. I have been slowly going thru the truck and repairing or replacing neglected items. The truck seems to have been used pretty hard before I got it. I would like to service the transmission. It does not have any problems but I am concerened that it has been used pretty hard. How much fluid will I need if I drop the pan and replace the filter? Aslo are there any obstacles to getting the pan out? Should I use any kind of additive when I refill? Thanks Mike
  2. tlperry68

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    You need to give us a lot more information. What size motor, what transmission do you have? Or you can check the capacities section of the owners manual if one is present.
  3. 6T7GOAT

    6T7GOAT New Member

    Yea I guess that would help!! sorry. It is a 2006 silverado 2wd 1500 crew cab 5.3 v8, the trans is a 4l60e, has tow package and locking differential. Thanks for any info. It came without a manual so I am not sure of capacities.
  4. dwill3015

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    Welcome to the site! Good luck with the tranny service. I have serviced the tranny in my 87 Blazer but now I find it much easier to take my newer vehicles to the dealer or a qualified transmission service center esp. for having lower mileage (just me and my opinion).

    BTW, the 67 Goat is my favorite GTO! In hi-school, my friend had a 67 Hurst Goat with small block 400 and factory Hurst shifter on the floor. I had a 70 Chevelle and we were always racing.
  5. tlperry68

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