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Discussion in 'Towing & Trailer Tech' started by bombo, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. bombo

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    I'm in the green mtn state and looking at buying a used 2002 Tahoe v8 5.3L that has 120, miles. It has all the bells and even more bells.
    We are looking at this because I need a bigger vehicle for towing a camper. I want to be able to use the hoe and camper to travel out west. WHAT would you suggest about this truck /suv for this type of trip? I have a Ford Explorer Sport trac 4x4 v6 4.0 automatic. rated at pulling 5500 and the CAMPER is 3500.
    The yoke on the drive shaft towards the rear end needs replacing and the cover on the rear end needs a new gasket. Front end is good needs breaks rotor and pad's x 4 wheels.
    Transmission goes in smoothly (automatic) ac needs check that is being tested later today.
    Brake lines need to be done within time all rust covered. No leaks!

    What else would you suggest to test? Any views on getting this hoe for towing a camper cross country?
    Is this a good towing vehicle?

    Thanks for reading and for the help.
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  2. McClintoc

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    I'm not sure what all needs to be tested but a full-sized SUV (Tahoe) is always going to be a better puller than a mid-sized SUV (Explorer). If the Explorer can handle your camper, the Tahoe will have no problems. Plus, it will be a lot more roomier inside the Tahoe than the Explorer which is a good thing if going cross-country travel.
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  3. WorthFlorida

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    You may have already left for your camping trip but you got your self an old reliable truck with some parts worn out. As with any long trip you you want to check the maintenance stuff to prevent break downs out on the road. If you drive around enough on the interstates there are usually a few common items that got people stuck for a tow or two. One big thing is tires, under tow the rear tires get a good workout and including the trailer tires. I drive on I-95 in Florida twice a month from exit 87 to exit 201 and their is always someone on the side of the road with a bad tire. Many trailers and campers have the same faith. So check your tires and be sure you have a a good spare for the Tahoe and camper, have a jack and wrench, a good battery and change the coolant.
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