Newbie - 04TB from auction - ton of questions!

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    Howdy from GA! Just bought an 04 TB from the Atlanta Auto Auction. So far so good - it had 40K on the clock and the carfax came back as a one owner corp lease vehicle. I do have my suspicions that it might have been wrecked because it is so darn clean - paint is perfect. The front bumper feels loose - common? Anyway, I only paid $12.9K. I could also believe it was one owner because the orig sticker was in the glove box along with the owner's manual and a Diamond Rio cd - Bonus! Drove it on a small trip - 4hr there and back - seemed to behave perfectly. Perhaps I'm looking a gift horse in the mouth. The only problems I've seen are these - and need some help...

    - the fan does nothing when switched to 1 and blows some in the off position?
    - the TB only came with one FOB - the #2 and so far I can't program it
    - the tire are orig and look good - I think I can get another 10K on them - may replace then - any ideas?
    - may consider an extended warranty - has anyone bought one before after car purchase? - will the dealer consider selling me one?
    - might like to add a newer model GM radio that has the satellite option - has anyone done this?
    - I would like to add fog lights - can the brackets and wiring be pulled from a TB with fog lights or is this more trouble than it is worth?

    Lastly - and thanks for your patience! as an 04 with 40K on the clock- what maintenance issues should I look for and what preventatives should I make sure I do... 8)

    BTW... saw the 06 TB SS at auction - WOW! - Thanks for a great forum![/img]
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    How's this rig treating you? Just saw the post.

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