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    Recently purchased a '98 GMC K1500 Suburban to tow our ultralight bunkhouse, which maxes out at a mere 3600 lbs. Found a pretty clean Burb with a strong engine, even though it has 200k on it, and a brand new transmission.

    For the most part it will be a driveway "king" (can't call it a queen, my kids have nicknamed it "Big Red"), only used for towing once a month and local runs on the weekends. I'm guessing we will only put on 2000-3000 miles a year maximum, maybe even less, as we camp locally for the most part.

    That being said, I'll admit, I have been bitten by the "bug". Something I wasn't prepared for. Even though it won't be a daily driver, I find myself emailing with Black Bear about a tune, looking at online catalogues and reading about all the possible upgrades I can do. Without realizing it, I think I have another hobby!

    Looking forward to gaining insight and "how to" help- it's been years, ok decades, since I did anything more to a vehicle than change an air filter or my own headlight. Time to get the left handed monkey wrench out of storage.
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    Welcome to the site. A lot of good information on here.

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