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  1. wwtpengr

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    Just joined the fourum and looks like there is a great deal of knowledgeable members here. Looking for some good impartial advice based on your own experiences.

    Here's the deal. I just "caved in" and bought my fourth GMC Sierra, the top of the line Denali Model Year 2009. I absolutely love it. I'm looking to add some aftermarket performance enhancements and have an enormous amount of data, some conflicting, on what is best.

    What I am looking for is to increase my 0-60 times. Plain and simple. I have no desire for a top end speed, just low end torque to blow away the punks in their Mustang GTs. :happy: Yes, I am approaching 40 and have no real need for this but it is the juvenille in me coming out. Can never get enough low end torque or horsepower.

    The three items I believe would increase my 0-60 times in order of cost are:

    1. Cold Air Intake
    2. True Dual Exhaust
    3. Supercharger

    I already know this but then it gets into the exhaustive research on what is best.

    1. Cold Air Intakes
    K&N - seems like it is most popular
    True Flow

    2. True Dual Exhaust

    3. Supercharger
    Centrifigual blower
    Roots Type Blower

    And the list goes on and on. I know the supercharger is the most bang but also the most expensive. Am I getting excited over marketing hype from my research or is there some real merit to these systems? Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    My truck is a 2009 GMC Sierra Denali AWD with a 6.2L, 403 HP and 417 ft-lb torque.

  2. shurshot

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    First welcome & congrats on your new truck! I too am approaching ....well I just passed 40 LOL. I am with you on the need for speed as it is just so much fun & part of what keeps me young! (at heart anyway):lol:

    As far as the Cold air intakes: I have been researching these as well and the one I think provides the most bang for the buck will be the Vararam Kit. This company is claiming 35 hp gains and a guarantee. I have had several K & N setups with mixed results. Second on my list would be the Volant.

    True Duals can be a mixed bag as well. In my experience I have gained and lost HP with these. A more free flowing exhaust is a good thing up to a point but the Vortec V-8 needs some back pressure to make the most HP. I am sure there are more knowledgable people on here who will jump in.

    I have never had the fun of a supercharger but would love to know what it does for you! Check my pictures to see what I make due with until then! :glasses:
  3. tattooed4life

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  4. wwtpengr

    wwtpengr New Member

    Thanks for the welcome Shurshot!

    Nice truck by the way.

    I have never heard of the Vararam CAI so I will be doing some research on that tonight. Thanks for sharing your experiences with K&N and the info on the dual exhaust.

    I will have to upload some pics as soon as I have time. And you are correct....let the mods begin.

    I have not done any mods yet but the first will be the CAI and then posssibly the dual exhaust. Supercharger will definitely be down the road as it is $6000 before installation.

    Any ex;perience with Synthetic oil vs. regular oil?? It seems like I can never do enough research on performance enhacements to my truck.

    How do you like the G8? Those are pretty quick from what I've read.

    Best of luck and thanks for being the first to reply.
  5. 5speedsilverado

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  6. canislupis69

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    Welcome to the site!
  7. Crakums_GT

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    The main thing about the dual exhaust is that you lose lower end torque but gain power on the higher end. To gain back some of the lower end torque you can get a custom tune for you exhaust as well as get performance cats. If you are planning on doing a CAI and stuff also though, I would wait on the custom tune so when it's all said and done you can get it tuned specifically for your set up (CAI, exhaust, MAF sensor, Throttle body/spacer) whatever you end up doing. Also some shops will offer you free tunes for upgrades if you get the initial tune with them but they're starting to become few and far between. I've found most now want $50 for tunes after the initial tune. Good luck on the upgrades and welcome to the site.

  8. heavy chevy

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    k&n on the intake
    cherrybomb pro or xtream on the exhaust
    I would say a roots type supercharger is the way to go the power is more direct there.

    I would also suggest a custom tune from wait4meperformance that is the tune that I am fond of.

    I would suggest going with a synthetic oil it last longer and with performance upgrades it will help protect and keep your engine cooler. My favorite is Castrol fully synthetic. I have tryed others and alwayse went back to them. It is the only oil that you can feel the diffrence in the way the enging power feels. I am serious you can feel that you have gained more power out of that oil. Also the reason for the cherrybomb is the sound on the ls motors are great. Check them out on cherrybombs web site and I have some videos on you tube of my truck inside sound. Good luck and happy trails.
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  9. wwtpengr

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    Heavy Chevy,

    Thanks for taking the time to help out. You guys are great!
  10. wwtpengr

    wwtpengr New Member


    Thanks for your input. Everyone on here is great sharing their own experiences and helping out Newbies like me.
    Thanks again!!

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