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Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by Hairscrambler, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. Hairscrambler

    Hairscrambler New Member

    Hi all, great web site you have here, tons of great info :sign0173: I've been a Chevy GMC guy all my life. I work for a used car dealer and we buy and sell many Suburbans and Yukon XL's. I am looking to upgrade from my 1998 Tahoe into a 2003 -2006 Suburban or GMC Yukon XL. I like the way the longer trucks drive over the shorter ones and like the added towing and storage capacities of the bigger truck. I drive everything we get to see if I can find a suitable replacement. We just got in a trade that I really like. Its a 2003 Suburban LT 4x4 5.3 with 141,000 on it. Original one owner and it has a perfectly clean car fax and the owner kept it in near perfect condition. It has all original motor trans etc. I can get it for about 6500.00. A few questions I would like for you guys to answer if you have time. The only thing I feel it needs is tires. I'd like to replace the shocks, since they are original, and do the alignment to make sure I get max miles out of the tires and front end parts. I drive almost exclusively on highway and local roads and little if any snow covered roads so my main objectives are a comfortable, quiet , smooth ride. Any reccomendations would be greatly appreciated. Also should I do rears, transfer case, trans, coolant flushes and anything else you would recommend or look out for ? I know this is a lot for my first post but I would love to get some ideas from all you with so much knowledge of these trucks. Thanks in advance. Larry:sign0144: 2003 suburban.jpg
  2. Pikey

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    I had an 2003 yukon xl that was the same color. I loved that truck. That price is a heck of a deal in my area! Almost half price. I would recommend Michelin LTX M/S^2 for that truck. I have run them on my last 3 trucks. For highway driving and wear you can not beat them. (I got 75,000 out of the last set) They do fine in snow also. I can drive my 05 yukon xl without switching into 4wd in 6" of snow. Sure, 4wd makes driving in the snow easier, but it is not necessary. As far as shocks go, I would recommend bilsteins. I know with the yukon xl there were coil springs in the rear. If you change out the factory nivomat shocks that came with the coil springs then you also needed to change the springs. Not a big deal and they cost about $35 a piece. If you changed the shocks and not the rear coils the ride can be dangerous. (Found out the hard way) If it has rear leafs then you can just change the shocks. I would change the t-case fluid, trans fluid, and diffs. Also, check the spark plugs, who knows if they have been changed.
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  3. Z71_guy

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    ya i would jump on that deal, about 5k cheaper than in my area. as for tires I like the Goodyear SRA or Fortera tires ride nice with good traction. and i would do as much of the prev maint that you can afford
  4. oldmanstruck

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    Remember he said he worked there? Of course he will save the good stuff for himself :) If I were you, I probably won't jump on fixing, replacing anything yet. Probably drive it for a month or so to figure out what really need to be done based on how long you think you will keep this car. $6500 in my area, you can probably get a 2001 maybe with close to 200K miles :(
  5. K15 Blazer Guy

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    just take your time inspecting everything. take off the diff cover, transmission oil pan, maybe a valve cover. then youll know for sure you got something dependable, so you can spend money on fun/cool looking things.
    i always need to keep $1,500 around just in case my worn out trans dies.... but the truck was $2,000 so who cares X)

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