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Newbie with 1995 Suburban 1500 code 42

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by doitmyself, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. doitmyself

    doitmyself New Member

    I have a 1995 Suburban 1500 357 engine with a code 42.
    It has a pronounced miss.I have replaced the distributor.(It had alot of play).
    I had the module in the new distributor checked to see if it was defective.It checked out OK.I did all the continuity and voltage checks related to the code.All OK.
    I have kept my own vehicles running for over 40 years now but this one baffles me.
    Appreciate any help.Thanks,Roger
  2. silveradotrailblazer

    silveradotrailblazer Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    Welcome to the club, Roger. Sorry can't help with your problem, but I'm sure someone on the site can.
  3. murdog94

    murdog94 Epic Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts

    ***thread moved here****

    have you checked the fuel pressure??? you should have at least 13PSI also I had a similar problem and replaced the entire distributor thanks to the pick up coil passing but when it got hot it no longer ran right, i found that the pick up coil was actually burn inside. Im guessing you have done a tune up as well as put in new plugs and cap/rotor etc??? I would take a look at the TBI as well and check the fuel spray, and take a look to see how much carbon you have built up inside and if there is a lot clean it up...
  4. doitmyself

    doitmyself New Member

    1995 Suburban 1500 5.7L fuel injected.Hard starting,rough running.Checked all the usual:
    Fuel injection,plugs,wires,coil,etc.As noted,I replaced the distributor because of play.Temporarily fixed the problem.Then it began running rough,hard starting,and displaying code 42(ESC short or open)so I had the module in the distributor checked thinking that could be the problem.It was OK.
    I can't even find an Electronic Spark Control in the manual or on the vehicle although it exists on some models.
    I have to assume I don't have an ESC.I looked everywhere on the engine for something resembling
    it.All I found was a related component(the knock sensor)that would affect the timing.Haven't checked it yet.(The vehicle is at a different location that I only get to every couple of weeks or so.)
    Has anyone located an ESC on their 1995 (or related) Suburban 1500 5.7L engine?If so,please let me know where.
    With a code 42 it has to have something to do with the distributor system and related components causing a 'limp-in' mode.Any help appreciated.And I hope to be able to reciprocate.

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