Newbie with 2010 Silverado V8 flex fuel

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Mzarb28, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. Mzarb28

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    Have a couple questions, looking to increase HP and gas mileage . I've heard and read many different things about the flex fuel model, hoping you guys can help me out!! Thinking exhaust, maybe intake and chip, what brands do you recommend, and what's worth the upgrade. Thanks in advance
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    First off Congrats on the new truck... First off The flex E-85 Will eat up your MPG's. it will go down by about 30-40%. So unless E-85 is $.40 or better lower then Reg by you don't bother. As for add on's it all depends on your foot. Exhust,CAI and Programer all work together. But you are also looking at about $700-$1200 for all 3. Most of the 5.3 newer Chevy trucks will avg between 14-18 AVG MPG's.

    As for me... I drive my Avalanche like a Vette But I also have upgraded the brakes,Sway bars, And the above. With my 20's on for summer I avg 14.6 I have my stocks on now for the winter and I am up to 14.8 now and it is still going up. My programer is set to 87 Performance. Read my sig below and you will see what I have...

    Good Luck and keep us updated on what you get..
  3. Mzarb28

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    Thanks will do, just ordered wheels and tires, 20" black XD Monsters with Nitto Tera Grapplers! What is a CIA , and which is a good exhaust, thanks

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    Figured it out, cold air intake lol

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    ...Regarding which is a good Exhaust, if you were to go to the Performance Section of the Forum, there you will find many Exhaust Threads, that may-be able to help with your question......

    BTW.....Welcome to the Site......

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