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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by tooqik2see, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. tooqik2see

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    hey all! new here and i have to say i'm very impressed with all of the information i've found here! i just purchased a 2002 2500 hd with 91K. it has the 6.0, 4x4 and seems to be very well cared for. my question: what should i look out for and, besides changing all the fluids, what else should i do to it? any help/suggestions would be appriciated!

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    Did the owner have any maintenance records,to kind of show you what has been done?If Not I would take a look at the following,Throttle body,injector's,Air and fuel Filter's,Plug wire's and plug's,Drive belt's,Brake pads,Headlights,taillights etc..
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    Welcome to the site!
  4. 2ToNe04

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    theres a thread around here that has sooo much information about maintenance, i just cant find it damn.

    Your owners manuel in your glove box should tell you though. ill still keep looking for the thread.
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    U joints, also check the exhaust manifold studs my 02 had a couple broken ones when I bought it. The mechanic said that the studs were not of the best quality and he has seen this before. They rust out pretty easy.
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    To add to what others have said check your cooler lines at the radiator, engine oil filter and transmission. The lines will start to seep then leak oil. Keep your eye on them. Also it's not a bad idea to change your power steering and brake fluids. These 2 fluids never get changed on most trucks.
  7. nickgiacalone

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  8. tooqik2see

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    GREAT ADVICE! i know the fluids have been changed, as well as the plugs & wires. They used the cheapie plugs & wires though. i wasn't aware that there was a porb with the cool lines etc leaking....i'll definately get on that. there isn't any service records but the condiction of the truck shows it was pretty well cared for. the dealer put the cheap plugs & wires on and i'm sure they used the cheap oil, coolant, ect as well so i'll be changing all of that. the ujoints are not oem so they've been replaced and seem pretty tight. what are indexed plugs by the way?
    you guys are GREAT! i know i'll definately be asking you'all alot more questions! thanks again!
  9. tooqik2see

    tooqik2see New Member

  10. daddytech

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    welcome to the forums first off... My recommendations are pretty repetative you'll see them alot in the posts i make on here. The names you'll want to get really familliar with if you aren't already are K&N, Mobil 1, Lucas, Sea Foam, E3 sparkplugs & Flow Master. those are the things i recommend to keep your vehicle running smoothly for a very long time. Also have quite a few other recommendations for car stereo applications as well. doesn't matter when or if you ask you are liable to see them posted on here at some point. welcome to the forums though, hope you find all you are looking for here.
    The only request i can make though is that if you have an issue that you post a question about please for the sake of others on the forums post the resolution also, so that others on the forum can benefit from your experience too.

    Thanks and Welcome again.

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