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Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by cookj, Jul 17, 2013.

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    Aside from the AC problems i had, looks like i have another one. Decided to pull the 27' Jayco to the lake this weekend and the truck would not stay in overdrive, not to mention, it really struggled to climb the slightest grades; however, unhooked, the truck seems to run just fine.

    Took it to mechanics this morning and after doing a number of checks and diagonistics, they cannot find anything wrong with the engine; pressures, spark, timing, sensors etc is spot on. They also drove the truck and said it has plenty of acceleration and power; they've also ruled out that it can be transmission related. They asked to keep the truck remainder of day and would call me tomorrow after looking at it further.

    I'm running aftermarket American Eagle wheels (16x7.25) w/ 265 firestones so i have to believe i'm not losing any power due to oversize wheels/tires. Also, I ruled out the trailer brakes were sticking, and, even had the trailer connection disconnected a short while but this did not improve anything. I pretty much maintained a speed of 60-63mph, turning roughly 2500-2600 rpm the entire way; however, on some grades, my speed would drop to 50-53, and limited my rpms to 2900.

    So, once again looking for some advice or suggestions from you guys. I have to think something is going on, and we just haven't been able to put our fingers on it. Surely this trailer isn't too much for this truck?? TIA, james

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    I failed to mention earlier i'm running stock 373 gears and the truck doesn't have a lift or any other modifications other than a magnaflow exhaust. any advice would be appreciated, thanks! james
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    I spoke with mechanics after work yesterday and long story short, they kept my truck another day. When speaking with him, he felt the truck just didn't have the pep you would expect from a 350, but, everything keeps checking out good. I asked if there could be some restrictions in the catalytic converters and he said based on his testing and what he would normally expect to see/hear he ruled this out. However, after further troubleshooting, both agreed that they would look into the converters.

    I'd like to add something hear i learned last night after speaking with my son. He borrowed my truck about 3-4 weeks ago to move some furniture in a 10' utility trailer. He recalled the truck seemed to struggle making this short trip; he couldn't have had more than 1200 lbs in this trailer (couch, love seat, recliner, misc.) and the trailer weight is approximately 1700 lbs. anyway, i'll post back when i learn more from the mechanics. james

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