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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by gm03, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. gm03

    gm03 New Member

    hi my name is wyatt, i am only 20 and i just picked up a new to me 03 gmc sierra 1500, a few weeks ago, its really nice seeing how it is my first vehicle that doesnt date before 1990,its a single cab, long bed, 2wd,with 32054 miles on it, base everything, automatic, i dont have any pictures of it, but it is white and has running boards, which makes it low to the ground, like a couple inches kinda low, so that about sums it up, right?

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    :sign0016:To The Site Wyatt, and Congrats on the New Ride....:glasses:
  3. McClintoc

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    An '03 with only 32k miles on it? Very nice!
  4. ChevyFan

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    Welcome to the site. Please upload some pics when you get a chance.
  5. mfleetwood

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    Welcome to the Club!!!
  6. gm03

    gm03 New Member

    i will try to get some pictures here in few days, i also have a question, does every model have the low washer light or is it optional?
  7. Pikey

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    Welcome to GMTC! I think that they all have it but I am not sure.
  8. gm03

    gm03 New Member

    Here's a picture, I'll get some more as I go, I am getting a new radio because the base radio lacks a cd player... I will get pictures when I do it.

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    is correct regarding....they all have it......if the Washer Fluid level is Low, this Message will Appear on the DIC. Adding Washer Fluid will Clear the Message. Press the Select Button to Acknowledge the Message and Clear it from the DIC Display.
  10. gm03

    gm03 New Member

    Oh, I thought there was just a light for it, my truck doesn't have the dic option so that explains why it doesn't turn on... Does the same go for the fuel low light? Because I got really low on fuel a few time and once again the light never comes on

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