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    hey guys im clay lil back ground ive always gown up as a chevy man, but i love both my jeeps also, but thats why im here cause i only have two jeeps and im lookin to get my a mid 90's chevy 1500/2500 2/4wd. but i want some advice from the chevy pros, i got tons of jeep knowledge just not too much chevy since i moved out the house 7 years ago. also im army been in for almost 6 now been on two deployments and gettin ready for my third
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    Greetings from the Florida Panhandle

    Welcome to the Forums. We're glad to have with us.
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    Welcome to the site and THANKS for your service! The 90's were good years for Chevy, in my opinion. I had a '96 and a '99, both great trucks. Good luck with your 3rd deployment and have fun on the site!
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    Welcome to the site!
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    welcome to the site...........
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    Welcome to the site!
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    Welcome to the site!
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    Welcome to the GMTC and thank you for your service :great:

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