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    The title says it all! Hey guys and ladies(?) Jim here. I have a Chevy 2500hd, crew cab, 2 wheel drive, 2004. I run heavy equipment for a living (untill recent back surgery-like two days ago!) now I just have to wait and see how this turns out. Like I said I run heavy equipment. I can cut in your driveway, dig out your basement , put in your sewer, etc... But I don't know JACK about working on vehicles. And to tell you the truth, being a 43 year old guy, that is embarrassing to say out loud. But thats why I am here. There are several things that need to be done to my truck, and if anybody is out there willing to take on teaching a newbie (who does own some tools) I would like to see what repairs I can make myself (as soon as back heals) and which ones I need to take to somebody. For now I would just like to let you guys know the problems with the truck, and get feedback. Hope to here from you all, and thanks. Jim ps. I live on westside of Cincinnati, Ohio
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    Hey Jim, welcome to the club. Hope your back heals fast & you can get to working on your truck. Post up your questions in the forums & well help you as best we can.
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    Welcome to the club!
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    Welcome aboard!
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    Welcome to the club Jim, good luck on your recovery.
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    Welcome to the club, Jim! I also hope that you have a speedy recovery.
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    Welcome to the club, Jim. Get well soon.
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    Welcome to the G M T C !
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    Thanks for all the responses. Yeah back surgery was not on my list of things to do this year, but it looked like it needed to be done sooner or later so I just went ahead and did it. As far as my mechanical experience. I have done things like replace alternators, brakes (front), spark plugs,....None of which I have done on this truck. My truck that I have now has instrument panel problems. The fuel gauge works, and I think the temp. gauge works. But, the speedometer at some point last year went over to the 120mph range and decided to never go back! then the next thing I knew the rpm gauge stopped moving above 0 and there it sits. I heard there was a recall for this problem, but of course my truck is past the mileage point that they will fix it for me. I aherd it was a problem in something called the "cluster"???? So thats one of the problems I am faced with. Any suggestions?? And of course I cant start working on any of this for at least a month or so depending on how the back heals. Just trying to get ready. I have a lot to get done with this truck this summer, and I need it working right. Thanks, jim ps. I want a knickname like youy guys..... maybe "bad back jim" or "Buckeye Jim" ?????
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