Nickel plated slip yoke to prevent the dreaded clunking noise

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by brentsmith36, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. brentsmith36

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    Does anyone know the part number for the nickel plated slip yoke for a 2010 chevy 1500 silverado crew cab 5.3 z71 4x4? I went to gmparts direct club without any luck. The service manager said that he had never heard of it. He did tell that they used to put in the super rubber ball that you get out of the gumball type machines but they had found that the grease worked better. The guy at the local powertrain shop said they did the superball solution frequently and that it did indeed work. He also said that it would not cause any damage, that it simply provided a little preload to eliminate the slamming.He was surprised that I had a 2010 model that was clunking..He thought gm had fixed it by now. Thanks in advance and yes I have tried googling it.
  2. brentsmith36

    brentsmith36 New Member

    Okay..The service manager was not very knowledgeable. I called another dealership and the service manager was very knowledgeable. H e said they would grease and file down the splines. This fixes 90% of the trucks and if this clunk continued they would install the nickel plated slip yoke! He said this was common knowledge and any service manager should know this basic info. You should have seen their faces when I picked up my truck from the previous dealership. I explained to the service manager he had a severe lack of knowledge and I also made the general manager aware of the situation. The service manager still claimed that he had never heard of the nickel plated slip yoke..Amazing. This is a large dealership in a metro area. Even the person writing up the problem knew what to do and she a female! I was definitely impressed. I pick the truck up tomorrow and I will keep you guys updated. The funny thing at the other dealership was a guy that overheard me and said that he had the same problem and didn't know it could be fixed! I told him to change dealership service!
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    i asked a tech at a local dealership and he told me gm's tsb said to remove the shaft and pack the yoke with with a heavy marine grease as tightly as possible to get all the air out and then slowly reinstall the shaft so that you have as little air as possible in their and that it would create a vacuum when the shaft is extended and putting a slight load to prevent the klunking noise
  4. brentsmith36

    brentsmith36 New Member

    Picked up my truck today. They filed down the yoke splines and lubed it up. No clunking at this point. Hopefully this has fixed the problem..if not on to the nickel plated slip yoke.
  5. brentsmith36

    brentsmith36 New Member

    Day 2..Still no clunking! This was driving me banannas! I even test drove other vehicles. The tundra crew max rode 2 rough and the steering did not adjust to a normal seemed anemic and the dodge was just too ugly to deserve a test drive. Chevy rides great as well! I am happy ..just hope it lasts!
  6. ghotachevy

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    Good glad to hear
    glad i could help out
  7. SIM738

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    So it's been a few years...was filing the splines the trick? How's the truck now?

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