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    anybody runnin nitrous in their trucks? two guys at work are running ZEX and they dont have any conplaints but looking for other guys that have nitrous. and where did u buy it, i havent found any for the price i would like to spend. and does anybody have a kit for sale?
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  3. 07 redrado

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    thanks man. with being new to chevy what kind of engine do i have. i know there are all different letter and number engines(ex. LT1, LS1, LS2, ect) what is mine. 2007 NBS Silverado 4.8L
  4. black jack

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    Lt1 is found in 93-97 camaro/firebird/corvette/caprice/impala ss. Ls1is found in98-02 camaro/firebird/ 98-05corvette/gto. Ls2 is found in 05-present corvette/gto. Now vorte is found in trucks but from 96-2000. What you have is just 4.8l. Now if you look in your vin and it has a Z in it you can run E85 but that started in 05. Those engines that you mentioned are all performance engines. What we have if for torque, hauling/towing. So when you go to get after market parts just have to tell them youve got a 4.8l and they my ask if it has a z in vin. Just check because some trucks from 05 - 07 have it and some dont. hope this helps .
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    Bottles are for Babies!!!
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    no box or bottle just balls and throttle!!!

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