NNBS silverado tow mirrors on NBS silverado

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by reggiecab2000, May 14, 2013.

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    back to the angles.. its designed that way, its off sets because of the location of the driver, I had the same issue. Get a helper and have them hold it out where you think its at the same angle as the driver side and adjust it, your visibility is cut short.
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    Does anyone think that they will fit a 2010?

    TheBADASSBOWTIE New Member

    Thanks, but I think I'm gonna be the one that ends up taking the bullet and test them out. I'll let you all know how they look and post some pictures when I get them ordered and put on.

    TheBADASSBOWTIE New Member

    IMG_0048.jpg IMG_0051.jpg
    I liked how these fit and I like the blinker on the outside
    IMG_0050.jpg IMG_0052.jpg
    Plug and play made an easy install the light on the side is blinker only, but i found videos that you can make them running lights as well like on ford mirrors
    IMG_0049.jpg IMG_0053.jpg
    the first picture shows the left side when i put my window deflector on i put it too low, and it didn't fit as well. I pulled it up a little bit and moved it up; than it fit well. The second picture is the right side, and I didn't have to move it and it fit very well. I don't know if the picture does them justice.
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    I have the tow mirrors with the blinker on the outside of my truck and I love them

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