no back up lights

Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by freddie, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. freddie

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    Yeah sometimes i hate this thing. The bulbs are all correct sizes in working condition. The fuses are also
  2. moogvo

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    Pound on the lenses (with your open hand) and see if they flicker on and off.
  3. Strino78

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    In its plainest electrical form; It sounds like you have a ground issue. When you remove the bulbs, test the socket.. etc.. the wiring harness is being moved and tugged on to some degree, potentially creating or eliminating grounding issue.
    You do not have any blown fuses, and the bulbs that were removed were tested to be good. That's another clear indicator of a ground short. If you have brake lights, then a ground is your culprit. Check your frame grounds by your rear bumper/frame by the spare tire.

    If they salt the roads in SC when it snows, that's the likely culprit... that and time. :D
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  4. freddie

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    They do salt the roads only about once or twice a year but they do. I will defiantly look at the ground also.

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    I did get a chance to go outside and check a few things before the sun went down with no luck though. I check the ground and it appears to be fine. It looks as though there is only one ground for the whole rear lights. I followed all the wires to the lights back to the circuit board and only found the one ground. So if the ground was bad then none of the rear lights would work. I look some more at the sockets on both back up lights sockets and they looked clean and in good shape. I even put the test light on the back up connection on my trailer hook up. I shook and tapped on the circuit board and nothing happened. I tried to pull off the one of the connections on the circuit board to look at them but it felt like i would break it. So that will have to wait till i have more time.
  5. Enkeiavalanche

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    With the Test probe Probe the Wires going to the Back up light socket..
  6. Strino78

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    Salt spray is a killer to all things metal. I live in Northern Ontario, and get my fair share of it too.

    Try removing the ground, and giving it a good cleaning with some sandpaper on the connector and frame. They can build up corrosion between the ground and frame, and it will look good to the naked eye. Your ground setup sounds to be the same as what is on my '94 K1500. Do your brake lights work? Even with a bad ground the brakes lights should be the only lights in the rear that keep working. I had this exact problem a year ago, and got stopped by a state trooper late at night on the I-75. I was unaware of I had lights when I started my trip earlier that night. He was real nice and let me go with "Are you comfortable riding your brakes so you can be seen from behind? It'll get you home."

    Sure enough.. the ground was there, it just wasn't good.

    The trick I figured out is with your parking lights on -- remove one of the license plate bumper lights and leave it connected in the socket. While you're under the truck tinkering with the ground; you'll be able to see the bumper light when it comes and know you have a nice solid connection. Put a little bit of white grease, di-electric or anti-sieze compound over it -- and you'll be good for a while.
  7. freddie

    freddie Rockstar 100 Posts

    I think that the ground was the problem. I am going to give some time to see for sure though. Thanks guy for all of your help!

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