No Heat ~ all three zones in 2006 Suburban

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    Any help would be great, I have a 2006 suburban that blows cold air in all three zones(drivers, passanger, and rear) with the heat is turned on. This just happened on my way into work today so I havent checked the coolant level or replaced the thermostate. I have been reading alot about a blender door stuck or a bad accutator for the door. I was curious if all three zones are not getting heat could it still be the blender door, or I am looking at more of a heater core thermostate problem? Any help and or suggestions would be great help.

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  2. Pikey

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    if your engine temp is fine then I would not consider the thermostat. You may have an issue with the fresh air door actuator. I believe that the blend door actuator only controls where the air blows from, ie.. floor, dash, defrost. Try pulling the fuse for the hvac. Leave it out for a few minutes. Put it back in, turn your key forward and then turn on the hvac system. After the system is turned, do not touch anything. Just listen, you should hear the actuators moving, wait about a minute. That should recalibrate your actuators.
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    Did you check the coolant level?

    When coolant is low, there isn't sufficient to be pushed into the HVAC coils.

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