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    I bought a 2009 Silverado just recently and started having a heating problem on the passenger side of the vehicle last week. Truck has dual climate controls. I did not have any problem with cooling this summer.

    I have tried the one recommendation I found here.
    1. Adjust the passenger side to full hot and the drivers side to full cold and put the system in AUTO mode.
    2. Turn off the ignition and turn it back on. In AUTO mode you will see the fan speed automatically adjusting up and down.
    3. Reverse the settings, drivers full hot (90 degrees) and the passenger full cold (60 degrees). Put it in AUTO mode and turn off the ignition and then back on.

    I tried this other day and thought it worked, but had the same problem this morning. I am going to try removing the HVAC fuses this weekend to see if this might fix the problem. This was the other recommendation from this site. I sure hope I don’t need to start replacing parts because it sounds like they are very expensive.

    Does anyone else have any other recommendations?

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