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  1. JiminyCricket

    JiminyCricket New Member

    2001 Jimmy SLS. All my lights seem to work except the left brake light does not come on when I brake. The right one does work as it should. The left brake light does work when the lights are on but not when they are off and I just depress the brake pedal. It cannot be the bulbs as they work and flash for the turn signal and the backup lights work too. As I said, all the braking lights work when the headlights or running lights are on. Could this still be a ground issue somewhere in the left tail light wiring? If its a ground problem why does the left brake light work right when the headlights are on??
  2. RayVoy

    RayVoy Epic Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts

    Left brake light works if the tail lights are on.

    Left brake light does not work if the tail lights are not on.

    Are both of those statements correct?
  3. hamby9212

    hamby9212 Member

    Sounds like a short in your left brake lights wiring or bad connection. I'd start with some electrical connection cleaner and a new bulb. if thats not it i'd find your wiring for the left light and follow the wiring and look for a short.
  4. JiminyCricket

    JiminyCricket New Member

    RayVoy, Yes...both of those statements are true. I have been searching the net and have found many accounts of this kind of problem with this vehicle to be a Multi function Switch failure. It is a fairly expensive part and who know how hard to replace. I'm now trying to find out how to confirm if that is the problem or not. Do you have an opinion?
  5. RayVoy

    RayVoy Epic Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts

    Well, my first thought, is no way it could be the multi-function switch.

    But, then I dug out some old GM wiring diagrams (sorry, don't have one for your vehicle) and, the brake light circuit is sent through the multi-function switch before it goes to the rear. So, maybe it is that switch.
    I guess, I'd like to be there to do some testing.
  6. JiminyCricket

    JiminyCricket New Member

    Thanks for giving it some thought I appreciate it! I'm likely to just go ahead and take a chance on it and replace the multifunction switch. According to Chilton it shouldn't be too hard. I just hope it's not a waste of money.
  7. JiminyCricket

    JiminyCricket New Member

    I took a chance and got a multi function switch from A1 Auto. They were very low price and had a great how to install video. Job went well. Took about two hours to complete. Called for E5 star socket but a 1/4 in SAE works too (for that single small screw up in the column). Driving 3 days now and problems are history. Every thing works again.
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