No Luck 2001 1500 cold start problem.

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by bill.turner3, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. bill.turner3

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    I've seen similar posts on here about my problem, but nothing is helping. I have a 2001 1500 with 4.3L. Last winter/spring I started having problems with it starting when it is cold outside. I checked fuel pressure, changed idle air solenoid. It started getting warm outside and my problem faded away. Went through the summer with little problems. It is now starting to get cold outside again and my problem is back. This time I was told to try a coolant temp sensor. Still no luck. Only have this problem when its cold. I did try giving it a squirt of starting fluid and it will start. Once it starts and warms up, it runs fine and starts fine until it sits and gets cold again. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. MightyMax

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    Battery still good and strong?

    I assume you are saying that the truck will not fire up?
    Does it turn over?
    I have a strong crank?

    any more details you can give?
  3. bill.turner3

    bill.turner3 New Member

    It cranks fine. It will try to fire than just crank. After several times of cranking, turning off the key, cranking. It will start. This thing started fine all summer. The last couple of days has gotten cooler and now the problems are back. The last time I ran a fuel pressure test, I got 62 psi and it passed the bleed off test according to the manual.
  4. MightyMax

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    Sounds like maybe no fuel, I am guessing there is no "Rich" smell?

    Have you checked your grounds?
    Especially the one on the intake manifold, that should be your ECU/ECM ground. For an '01, they prolly call it a PCM

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    Something to check.:

    Iit might be the crankshaft position sensor
  5. bill.turner3

    bill.turner3 New Member

    I got another suggestion from someone else to run a fuel pressure test when the truck is having problems starting while cranking. He told me it shouldn't drop under 58 psi. Would this be a pump or pressure regulator problem even though its been starting fine all summer. Thats what stumps me. This only happens when the outside temp cools down. I will check grounds. No unusual smells, I will look into the grounds and crank position sensor. Thanks fr the ideas.
  6. MightyMax

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    The only way I can think of to check if it is Fuel Pressure regulator is to take it out and see if there is fuel in it......Should not have fuel.
    Also, there would be a rich smell.

    The Fuel Pump, should initially come on for about 3 seconds when you turn the key, that is to build up pressure in the line. So you should hear a whine coming from the tank.
    Fuel Pump Relay might be worth checking, but they are usually a broke or not broke kind of thing.....
    You can pull the connector from the Fuel Pump Relay and run a jumper wire from the battery to the red wire and see if that turns on the Fuel Pump. (I believe it is the red wire)

    What kind of TBI do you have on that thing?
  7. bill.turner3

    bill.turner3 New Member

    The pump kicks on every time I turn on the key and when I stop cranking. When I try to start it cold, I turn key on try to start it. It fires a few times than just cranks. After several times of turning key completely off, on and cranking. It finally starts. After it is warm, It will start up on the first try. I am going to run the fuel pressure test again. I am going to run it when its warm and than when its cold so I can compare the 2. Thats what gets me. This truck runs fine after it starts. My son told me it died a few times when it was cold, but other than that, it runs great.
  8. MightyMax

    MightyMax Rockstar 100 Posts

    Scratch my last question about TB, I don't think you have one.

    I would give a look over of your ground to the intake, just to be sure.....

    But definitely get your pressure readings.

    If those readings are good, might be time to look at the ignition system (distributor maybe)
  9. bill.turner3

    bill.turner3 New Member

    Results from fuel pressure tests when warm. Pressure was 60-62 psi. Than it wants to check if the pressure drops 5 PSI within a minute. It does not drop at all. Than it wants you to bleed it down to 10 psi and wants to check if pressure drops 2psi in a minute. It doesn't drop at all. Than it wants you to start the vehicle and check pressure drop. It calls for 3-10 psi. It dropped about 8psi to 52 psi. I am going to let it cool down for awhile and red the same tests when vehicle is cold and outside temp drops. Just did the same test when the vehicle is cold. Same results as the first. Started fairly easy this time though. Started after third time. A gentleman told me that the pressure should not drop under 58 when cranking and it wouldnt start. It dropped to 54. Any insight on this?
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  10. MightyMax

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    Have you checked or replaced the Fuel Filter?

    Might be worth it to yank him out and give it a look.

    Also for grins and giggles, check your CTS.
    Could be he went bad, and is saying the engine is already at running temp., there by cutting down on the fuel being sent.

    Is there a Rich fuel smell at all?

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