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    Hey all, new to these forums. Haven't had a chance to get in an introduction post yet as it is Christmas & am on the way out so I'll go right into the problem I'm having.

    My problem is with my 94 GMC k1500 with the 350 engine in it. Truck turned off on the way home yesterday, a shudder prior to losing all power, popped the hood & the battery was foaming. Picked up a new battery, installed & truck acts as if there is nothing there to power it. I get no lights, nor noises at all when the key is in the ignition.

    Positive terminal sparks when connecting it, so I assume the battery is charged. Positive terminal doesn't seem to seat properly(Side mount), though. I replaced the starter about two months ago. Alternator looks near new as well.

    I'm thinking the fuses(Ign & Battery or possibly the main fuse) are shot or the battery terminals perhaps took too much of a surge & are beyond use now. I'm going to have to pick up a multimeter & do some testing. Any ideas to help me along the way?

    Appreciated highly.
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