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  1. redneckarmyMP

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    ok i got into my truck this morning after work to head home.i put the key in the ignition and started the truck.nothing out of the ordinary.i turned the volume up on the radio but i didnt hear anything the radio was on and displayed everything like it should but nothing came out of the speakers.thought it was the radio station so i tried a different i tried em all!then tried adjusting everything and still nothing!so i figured either everybody at the radio stations just quit or i blew a fuse or somthin i drove the 20 minutes to the house listening to the sound of home turned off the truck and opened the door.the key was in the ignition and i wasnt getting that annoying ding sound.i checked the fuses(even though i was pretty sure fuses had nothing to do with my problem).about 5 minutes later put the key in the ignition and cranked the truck.everything was back to normal!the annoying ding was back and i had my music!BUT does anybody know what caused this incase it happens again..its pretty boring listening to wwwooooooooooooooooooosssssssshhhhhhhhhh while im driving down the road
  2. bob13

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    That is a new one on me! I can't imagine what that is :neutral:
  3. redneckarmyMP

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    yea ive looked everywhere and cant seem to find anything on it
  4. 5speedsilverado

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    loose wires maybe?
  5. sstoner911

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    Does this truck have OnStar and a factory radio?? I am not sure about the 04's but on my truck the door chimes, seat belt chimes and even the noise you hear from your turn signals is via your stereo speakers as is OnStar - if your head unit is bad or maybe even the OnStar module is bad you will loose these sounds.

    Since your not getting sound from the radio it could be a bad radio. When I replaced my facory deck with the aftermarket I lost all those sounds - there is an adapter to retain the sounds and OnStar but I didnt want to pay $70.00 bucks for it!
  6. redneckarmyMP

    redneckarmyMP Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    yea its the factory stereo with could be a loose wire but i doubt it.i havent messed with anything or done any outrageous driving or extreme off roading oranything.hasnt done it since the first time and hopefully it wont
  7. Bredin

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    loose wire can even come from a slight pot hole, my friend hit a minor pot hole with his 86 Caddy... that disconnected the power to his fuel pump.

    I would lean more against an issue with the Radio &/or the OnStar system.

    Was it wet outside or anything? Extremely hot or?
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  8. redneckarmyMP

    redneckarmyMP Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    nope wasnt wet or was about 70 degrees out..i was just getting off work at 7am so it was still cool out and happened on the 7th and i havent had any more trouble out of it..hoping i dont either!
  9. bill190

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    Check all fuses. There are all sorts of gizmos which can cause something to not work and the fuse would not seem directly related, so check all fuses one at a time.

    How to check fuses...

    Then there can be 25 different computer modules in a vehicle these days. So try "rebooting'! Remove power from the battery for about 10 minutes, then reconnect.

    Also check battery voltage with a voltmeter (multimeter). Electronic gizmos don't work with a voltage below 9 volts. Also they will shut down with a too high of a voltage like 17 volts.

    The battery should measure 12 something volts with the ignition on (not started), then read 13/14 volts after started. This is the alternator kicking in and charging the battery.

    The 12 something volts with ignition on is placing a load on the battery and seeing that the battery "can handle the load" and maintain its voltage = good charged battery.

    Also you can check the voltage inside the vehicle when running like from a fuse to ground or the cigarette lighter center connection to ground and it should be close to what the battery is reading.

    If it is drastically different, like the battery is 13/14 volts and the inside cab voltage is 8 volts, then there is an electrical connection (+ or ground) problem somewhere. For that, do voltage drop testing on the main and other electrical wires and their connections...

    The above are *basic* preliminary checks of an electrical system.

    If the above all checks ok, then you would need to order a GM Factory Service Manual Set from your dealer (has *complete* wiring diagrams). Then read about how the system works in these books. Learn which electrical components are involved with its operation. Then use the troubleshooting section in these books to test various points in the system. These books will tell you what to test, where the test point is located, how to test, what the test results should be, and what to do next after testing (test something else or repair/replace a part).
  10. Miller2

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    Speakers not speaking (sometimes)

    06 Silverado extended LS Has basic ACDelco system (Radio single Cd player).
    On mine this started happing a couple of months ago First it was the left front speaker it would get static and cut out and some time come back on with truck running, driving or just sitting still with engine off. Next was right front then right rear. Sometimes all work or only old faithful (left rear). It still always plays from at least the left rear so I just crank it up and keep on trucking. I think its the head unit. So when I told the wife I need her to find me a head unit she pissed herself laughing at me and told me togobuy my own sex toys.



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