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    I have a 2003 Chevy Silverado It’s the extended cab version. It has the older style Rear Passenger Window that flips open. I have made it my mission when I purchased this truck new. not to use these flip open windows. My truck only has 47,000.00 miles on it.
    Its in mint condition. Now when I’m driving down the highway I can hear the wind whistling in these windows. I have double check many times there is nothing wrong with the clips that close the windows. They are made out of plastic and look poorly designed.
    Dose anyone know how to fix this problem or is there an aftermarket part I can get that will solve this. Thanks Will
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    Alright im not help on the wing window repair since ive had them and just had to deal with them, However when you go to get another truck the rear windows roll down rather than flip open.

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    I’m already aware of the new Chevy models that have roll down widows on the extended cabs.
    That’s great if I plan on buying a new truck. I have no future plans on buying a new truck.
    Maybe in 5 years I might think about it. But with this company be controlled by our government not sure if I want to buy GM anymore.
    My questions is still valid is there anything out there that I might purchase that will fix this problem.
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    I bought a used 99 Silverado 4x4 Extended cab and it had significant wind noise (worse on cross winds) on the passenger side(only 3-doors on my model, no driver back door). It was so bad that on a 200 mile road trip, my wife wanted me to pull over and walk the rest of the way (approx. 50 miles).

    Thought it was the broken rain deflector on passenger window, so I removed it during that trip but the highway noise was still there. Did a lot of web surfing for remedies. Through a combination of trials, the wind noise I was suffering came from the door seal. The door seal is hollow and appeared collapsed.
    1. I fished a 1/4" plastic tubing through the opening in the rubber seal (an attempt to restore structure to the rubber seal). It helped but did not solve the wind noise.
    2. I purchased the black foam window seal at Lowes, it has adhesive strip on one side and comes in different thicknesses. I used a mid-level thickness (can't remember exact thickness) and applied it between the metal body and rubber seal from bottom of the windshield to the back of the back door. It reduced the wind noise considerably. Also, I left the tubing in place and make sure that the door is shut tightly.

    My wife is now willing to ride in the truck.

    Hope this helps.
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    thank you for posting this area that noise has been driving me nuts for 4 months now. ive been looking and looking and looking and now finally i have an answer! lol
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    Here man this worked on my 03...They are shorter so it holds the windows tighter.

    THANKS for everyone’s input My door seals are fine its the window that makes noise

    Hey Z-71 I will get that shorter clip today that looks like it will solve my problem
    I will keep you posted once I have install them and let you know my resolution

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