NOISE from DIFF. and TRANS 99 Savana Conversion van

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by themexicandoctor, Nov 9, 2008.

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    I am not a mechanic but undertsand most mechanical things but my 99 Savana Van, 5.7, has noise when I accelerate under any kind of load coming from what I believe is the differential. A higher pitched whining rattling noise. At the same time,the other day when installing my new stereo the guys jammed my parking brake all the way down while working and then put the new speaker wires over the release so when I released the brake and gently tried to reverse the truck was locked, without any heavy revving I stopped,found the problem,released the brake and reversed out to this incredible grinding noise from under my truck - I was pissed and crawled two blocks away toamechanic who said it was probablt the ujoints, replaced them,checked the drive shaft, started truck,sameproblem, check diff oil, full of oil, used a stehtoscope to listen to the tranny and there was a hell of a noise but decided to crawl home - the last few days I have been driving slowly and I still get the grinding noise in first gear but it disappears in second and above but still have the whining diff" noise under load which actually has been going on for a few months - I have had 5 different answers, frommechanics,all contradicting each other, I dont want to buy a new tranny if I dont have to, one mechanic drove it and said it sounds okay and shifts okay but the noise is from the diff - does anyone have any idea what this could be - I cant believe on tursaday when I crawled two blocks I thought I had blown my trans but it is running okay,especially if I gently accelerateto second gear but I still have the whining noise under any kind of load.

    Questions; what kind of tests/checks can I do to discover what is happening- should I take th oil out of tranny and diff and check for shavings or will that destroy what is left - HELP Please

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