North Carolina get together Raleigh 1pm Saturday, June 23, 2012 thread

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  1. SurrealOne

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    I'm ok with this, because if they install in 10 mins without taking anything apart ... they can also be stolen in 10 mins without taking anything apart. :)
  2. SurrealOne

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    Tonight I got my first look at the parts that arrived, and I seem to have received the 'new improved ones' (as you put it) -- as it is not necessary to take the U-bolts off to install the RAS system. What I received exactly matches what's shown in the installation video, here:

    On the plus side, I'm less worried about the potential for theft now that I know the springs have to be unloaded for installation; that'd be a feat with my truck as there's a tilt sensor in the alarm system that'd set the alarm off if someone lifted it to try to do so. This is also where having every lug as a locking lug pays off, as it's hard to unload my springs if you can't get the wheels off!

    On the minus side, I noted the position of the bolt that secures the new RAS system under the spring (wedged up against the front most u-bolt of that spring) and worry that there's the potential for the 'new and improved ones' to displace a lifting block when the truck is loaded and off-road (where ruts, holes, and uneven terrain is the norm, not the exception). I didn't have that worry with the old system because it was secured under the ubolts on top of the spring, but now that it rests against the front-most of the ubolts under the spring, it's a mild worry...

    I have an open question that I sent to Roadmaster on the topic, this morning. I'm hoping it's a non-issue.
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    It is awesome that you got the newer style as there were other improvements besides quick installation. Give Ryan a call over there with questions. The number is on their website. I have decided that it is best that I don't get involved in becoming a dealer. I have too many other irons in the fire so to speak, so anyone further that is interested, call Ryan as well. He will take care of you. It is an awesome product.
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    Hi Moogvo,

    I guess that means that we are not going to put an order together. I think some of the online sites had them at almost that price so I will check them out.

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