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Discussion in 'NC - North Carolina Chevy Truck Club' started by MAsZ71, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. MAsZ71

    MAsZ71 New Member

    I thought it would be a good idea to have an ongoing thread for the North Carolina members to post and introduce themselves. This can prove helpful when you are looking for help with local shops and service centers.

    I'll get this thread kick-started...

    I'm Mark and I live in Concord, not too far from Lowe's Motor Speedway. I've been a GM vehicle fanatic most of my 34 year driving "career"! I have owned several trucks, SUVs and a few Corvettes over the years and love to modify/upgrade mostly for improved function and performance. I'm not much in to the bling thing!

    I currently own a Black 2007 Silverado LTZ Crew Cab w/ Z71. I just purchased this after owning a Hummer H3 for a few years. BOY, is it great to have a REAL truck again!!!

    I look forward to seeing who my "neighbors" are!! So post up!! :great:
  2. 06SCSilverado

    06SCSilverado New Member

    I'm right below the boarder and work in Charlotte
  3. MAsZ71

    MAsZ71 New Member

    Thanks for posting! I should have just titled this thread "Carolina Folks"!! The Corvette club I use to run had several members from the upsate SC area!
  4. BlueTahoe2001

    BlueTahoe2001 New Member

    From Charlotte here...About 30 MIN from the speedway
  5. contenderv07

    contenderv07 New Member

    hey guys, just joined from Burlington here. While I'm here, I wante to get everyones opinion.... I'm looking at this LTZ...
    its got 36k miles, navi, 2007. They are asking 34k. Realistically how much do you think I could drop them down to?? It seems like I could get one without all of the stuff, and just get the upgrades in the pic for less. Anyone have any ideas???
  6. MAsZ71

    MAsZ71 New Member

    I just bought my '07 LTZ with 19K miles for a lot less. I kinda got a special deal because I work for the guy that owns the dealership. But with the incentives GM is doing these days I have to believe they should be closer to $30K maybe even a little less!! Trust me...they need to sell you that truck. Use that to your favor. Walk away a few times! Good luck!!:great:

    BTW, WELCOME to the forum!!
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  7. contenderv07

    contenderv07 New Member

    Yea I'm thinking if I can get them down to 28k, I'm sold. Now the next part is the accountant (IE: wife)
  8. MAsZ71

    MAsZ71 New Member

    Too funny!! My wife is also an accountant and I have to "Submit a Formal Request" for any funds designated for any of my "Capital Expenditures"!! :gasp: I just bought my '07 and it was difficult to get her to "release" the funds! Believe me, I know who wears the pants in this family!!:slap:
  9. canislupis69

    canislupis69 New Member

    I live in Concord, NC a few miles away from the Lowes Motor Speedway.
  10. contenderv07

    contenderv07 New Member

    wow lots of western nc people on here. I need to get some mid and east coast people on here
  11. groceryman

    groceryman New Member

    Hi here in Reidsville about 20 minutes from Greensboro
  12. NYGiantsSilverado09

    NYGiantsSilverado09 New Member

    hey guys! im from kannapolis. new to the site. i have a 09 silverado lt victory red. just wanted to introduce myself! talk to you guys later
  13. dabadas

    dabadas New Member

    Hi im J.R. i live in Eden N.C. just south of the Martinsville speedway
  14. MAsZ71

    MAsZ71 New Member

    An FYI for the Charlotte area members...

    I recently bought a Truxedo Tonneau cover and a Airaid MIT from a truck accessories shop in Concord called Carolina Truck & Body Company. They are located at 434 McGill Ave. NW, Concord, NC 28027. Their telephone number is 704-795-0804.

    The guy's name, that owns the shop, is Mitch. He is a real good guy and is really helpful. He was able to get both of my items by 9am the next morning. On the Truxedo cover he was within $20 of the cheapest price I found on the internet, and the Airaid tube was priced about average. I decided to go with the local guy. I've been pretty lucky with eBay and internet catalog companies, but I know the odds are against me.

    Make sure to work him on his prices. I've found that he has some room to negotiate. He has been very fair to me!!
  15. pmartin816

    pmartin816 New Member

    Hi I'm from Marshville, NC but work about 20 mins from the speedway in Charlotte.
  16. Loggerhead Mike

    Loggerhead Mike New Member

    howdy from the mountains, macon county here
  17. redrider28075

    redrider28075 New Member

    Hey David from Harrisburg about 2 miles from the track. MASz71 I am pretty sure I seen your truck around nice truck u have. I have a black 09 denali.I always check out everybodys trucks when they pass by.
  18. MAsZ71

    MAsZ71 New Member

    Probably so...I work real close to the Charlotte Motor Speedway and I usually drive to lunch around the area, including Harrisburg. Saw your truck on the Black Truck Picture thread...VERY NICE!!!:great: I'll have to keep an eye out for you!!
  19. Randomsoleil

    Randomsoleil New Member

    I Hail from Belmont here just outside of charlotte. thanks for the tip on the local part guy. i kind of like putting my hands on it or knowing i can go back to a physical person if something is not right
  20. chevyman92

    chevyman92 New Member

    i live in hendersonville
    which is right near asheville

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