North Carolina's toll roads are a joke :-)

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by PantheraUncia, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. bigdaddy77084

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    Toll roads in Houston aint nothing but a big parking lot. Ez tag or not.
  2. SurrealOne

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    I find it highly amusing that you will spend thousands of dollars on high end computing equipment (that depreciates at light speed) to save you time (see your comments on this in Donyms computer thread) ... but you won't pay a few dollars each way for toll roads to save you both time AND money (in the form of gas that you burn for nothing as you sit in congestion instead of barreling down an empty toll road). Talk about inconsistent priorities! You might want to re-evaluate.

    And yes, I do realize that the money you might save on fuel is cash you'd give to the toll road ... resulting in a potential wash on cash while still saving you time. But think about it, you're choosing to give it to Big Oil instead of to local infrastructure (the toll road) from which you could actually benefit. Strange that you'd choose to support Big Oil rather than your local econonmy ... when your local economy built a road for you and expects you to help pay ... and Big Oil's done what for you, lately (while expecting you to just pay)?

    To others:
    NC 540 is the first toll road in NC. It was inevitable that we'd see toll roads given the local growth and hurt economy. This state used to be known as 'the good roads state' because of a state-wide infrastructure program to connect all county seats by highways .. back when they were just dirt/gravel. Our state gas tax remains among the highest on the east coast since it's what funded that infrastructure ... and now it has to be maintained.

    Frankly, NC 540 is darn nice. I only use the non-tolled portions, right now ... because the road I regularly need is THE last stop on the non-tolled portion before it switches to tolling. If this section were tolled I'd absolutely use it, as it saves me 5 mins of driving and my time is more valuable to me than money, since I can always work more to make more money ... but I can't ever make more time.
  3. SupplySgt

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    Despite the PITA a gas killing of stopping to pay tolls (I may get a PikePass next time I go to Oklahoma to visit), I still save a ton of time going home cause the speed limit is 75mph on the toll roads in Oklahoma and I still get there faster than the other roads (albeit the speed limit is still 65 on even two lane roads). From what I've heard of some of the other state's toll systems though, this makes more sense. I'd rather pay up front then waiting to get a bill in the mail.
  4. SurrealOne

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    NC has QuickPass ... same idea as PikePass. You pay up front and you get a discounted toll rate for doing so.

    Nak's just whining because he doesn't like toll roads that might save him time ... while he spends thousands on other things ... to save time. I give him heck about speaking out both sides of his mouth, like that, often. (Another example: He wants a Duramax for fuel econ reasons, but then wants to amp it to 600+ HP and flush that fuel econ down the toilet.) You get the idea!
  5. SupplySgt

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    Honestly I probably would save several gallons of fuel round trip if I took the backroads, but it would take more time. Coming to a complete stop to pay the toll via cash and then accelerating back up to speed burns a ton of fuel as you well know. Pikepass would make a huge difference in the amount of fuel I use but I'm still evaluating if I make it out there enough to justify it. Although the OTA (who runs the turnpikes out there) is working on deals with other states for reciprocity with their similar systems.
  6. PantheraUncia

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    Well... "The Other Things" are (relatively speaking) 1 time investments. That laptop is going to get 10 years of use out of it and then become a media server.

    $3-$6 in tolls (both ways) 250 +/- days a year adds up. I also think there is a misconception that S is not mentioning.

    If we have a state with no population (a brand new state, just to make the math easy) and there is a $0.40 gas tax....... if 100 people move to the state, you now have a population of 100 people buying and using gas in the state..... revenue went up to cover your road cost.

    If 900 more people move to the state next month, you now have 1000 people buying gas to drive around..... 900% increase in revenue to support your roads......

    Take this to the last 10 years where NC has had a big population boom....... All those extra people buying gas has increased the revenue stream from the gas tax....... It has not gone down.

    Now you have the balls to tell us that we can't afford the roads we have and we need more roads so we are going to start tolling roads....?

    In 5 years I will predict that the toll rates will go up (educated guess) so even with more cars, more population and all this extra revenue, we can't support the roads we have.

    Someone is using schitty math and the toll roads never fixed the problem. So there is no valid claim for the toll roads at all. It is a big scam as I stated before.

    It seems like the government likes to make money "disappear" when they feel like it to justify more taxes.
  7. stchman

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    My biggest problem with a toll road is that if instituted the state WON'T decrease a tax in another area. The state will just pocket the money and go on.

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