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Discussion in 'TX - Central & South Texas' started by rcouchZ71, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. rcouchZ71

    rcouchZ71 New Member

    At the sight of this forum having a less than regular audience, I hope this will spur some discussion and interest. I live in the North Houston area and looking for a group of truck enthusiasts to kind of band together our own little ragtag truck club to go crashing car shows with. All makes, years, models, bagged, skyjacked, mild, and extreme styles welcome. I my self have a 2014 Silverado Texas Edition in the works with a few minor modifications and plans for more. We can be as "official" as the groups wants to be. I figure this would be a lot of fun with car show season coming up and what's more fun then hanging out with like minded people at events that allow us all to show off a little? Hit me up if you are interested.
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  2. GMlooseNut

    GMlooseNut New Member

    Hey bud, I'm out in Katy, but I frequent Spring area. Always love to meet up with locals!
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  3. P0lice6627

    P0lice6627 New Member

    I am in..
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  4. RedDevilLTZ

    RedDevilLTZ New Member

    Count me in....Woodlands area.
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  5. Tungsten23

    Tungsten23 Rockstar

    Wish I could join, Houston is too far!
  6. BowtieBob

    BowtieBob New Member

    Did y'all ever meet up? Been trying to find a Chevy group to chill with..
  7. Old school arc87

    Old school arc87 Member 1 Year

    Hey I'm just north of Houston and I'm in to start a little group. I drive an 05 Sierra with a few mods. I'll keep my eye on this post, if something is arranged.
  8. cttkellas

    cttkellas New Member

    I'm down just bought a 15 Silverado crew cab about to do some mods live in Tomball area
  9. Old school arc87

    Old school arc87 Member 1 Year

    Is anybody still paying attention to this thread?
  10. cttkellas

    cttkellas New Member

    Yeah I just found it but watching but I don't think anyone else is

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