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  1. Sunny

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  2. Steve Maggard

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    Hello, I live in Renton Washington and I look forward to talking to people that live in the northwest. I have some big plans to fix up my new truck as time and money permit but It is going to have to be a few years down the road when I am comfortable with the balance of the loan.
  3. chazawazzle

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    spokane here
  4. benzilla19

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    Boise huh!! I lived in Boise for about 12 years, my wife is a native from Boise, we are living in Oregon now though. Anyone close to Baker City??
  5. Thundare

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    Yeah i live in Oregon City, Oregon. Not the best place to live, the people are kinda Rude, But its Gota nice scenery, great View Of Mout HOOD, when i get the chance ill take a few and show em to Yall.

    I would Rather live Near Seattle maybe in puyallup with my cousins I dont know, its still a ways away.
  6. 7daughters

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    I am here in Hillsboro, Oregon. Originally from Ohio.
  7. Trask215

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    I've got a couple friends that live in banks and work at a ambulance company in hillsboro
  8. dwill3015

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    YEAH! Keep em rollin in!!!
  9. Jimmiee

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    I've traveled to most of the cities in the Northwest and if I had to pick one to live it would be Bend, Oregon.

  10. Ru5tyNut5

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    Vancouver, WA

    Hey all, I'm a newb here and I am from the beautiful NW. born and raised in Vancouver and no plans of leaving. been a chevy guy since I was a kid cuz that's all my dad had, he recently passed away so I bought an old '76 stepside just like the one he had when I was growing up. gonna see if I can learn myself how to restore this thing, or kill myself trying anyhow. It's just a rusty turd for now but one day.....If any of you are in the vancouver area you may see, or hear, it crusing around from time to time when I'm not drivin my colorado.


    just got it a couple weeks ago so haven't done much aside from the suspension and tires, the 31x10.50's wouldn't turn in the wheel wells when I lowered it so got some smaller narrower tires.
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