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Discussion in 'Chevy Colorado Forum (GMC Canyon)' started by djlndc, May 12, 2007.

  1. djlndc

    djlndc New Member

    :biggrin: Ok, I'm fairly new here, but while this thread group is "Colorado/Canyon," the vast majority of topics are about the Colorado. Granted GM probably manufactures many more Colorado's than Canyons. But I've recently sold my 05 Colorado and bought an 06 Canyon. I think the Canyon looks better than the Colorado. However, the only difference I can tell from the two is the grill. Can anyone tell me if there is any other differences? I also specifically bought the Canyon over another Colorado because I really like the local GMC service department. It's more convenient plus it's where we also service our Buick. Am I opening up a can of worms? Come on Canyon owners - stand up and be heard. :great:
  2. bues0519

    bues0519 New Member

    Hey, I have a 2007 gmc canyon, and from a mechanical stand point canyons and colorados are mostly identical. I purchase the canyon for the same reason(more appealing grill) I also like to think that since GMC is a "higher" grade chevy that they are a bit "better built"
  3. 07rado??

    07rado?? New Member

    You can swap the grills out of the canyon the i-290 and the colorado between all 3. There isn't any real differences other than the grille between any of them. other than warranty and pricing.
  4. Joel22190

    Joel22190 New Member

    I have a 06 canyon extended cab v5 3.5L and can not tell a difference except for the gmc service department is really easy to work with.
  5. 2.2roger

    2.2roger New Member

    hi, my 2007 canyon is a 5 cyl,for now it run good will see

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