Now this is Cool: Mattel Adds Video To Hot Wheels Cars

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    El Segundo, Calif. - Mattel has incorporated video cameras into its classic Hot Wheels line for the first time.

    [​IMG]The toy manufacturer's new Video Racer line allows children to record high-quality footage from the vantage of its 1:64 scale cars. The onboard camera has 12 minutes of memory at 30 fps, and can be removed for use with other playthings. The cars also feature a built-in LCD screen embedded on the chassis with real-time playback and delete functionality for immediate playback of footage.

    Attachment accessories include straps, clips, brackets and adhesive strips to affix the camera to snowboards, helmets, skateboards, bicycle handlebars and other mobile platforms.

    The cameras also feature a USB port and editing software that allows users to drag-and-drop preloaded music, scene transitions and special effects to create unique videos.

    The Hot Wheels Video Racers ship this month and carry a suggested retail of $60.
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    Wow, When i was a kid (in the 90's), I was happy with just regular hotwheels and a floor, but it would have been cool to record acouple videos but that camera probably wouldnt had last long before I had broke it. :lol:

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