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  1. jay2dc

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    Alright ive been thinking about the fog lights that come on my 05 LT version of the Equinox (and i think several other year models too) and was wondering if anyone has changed/upgraded from the oem stock foglight bulbs and/or if its worth it. i might want to go a bit brighter and get off the stocks.

    most the places ive looked it always seem like GM/Chevy want you to buy the whole foglight assembly (not just the bulb) i was wondering why this is, and if theres any reason why someone couldnt just replace the bulb? (which i think is a H11?)

    anyone ever switch out the bulbs of the foglights of their equinox and can shed some light?
  2. Enkeiavalanche

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    I just did my 08 Avalanche Z71 which has a retangler lens. I was told by many that when doing HIDs to use a 25 watt ballest. If you had the round plastic lens. On the Z71 the lens was bigger so I went with a 35 watt. After 5 months now no melting...And a Ton of more light....
  3. jay2dc

    jay2dc New Member

    Thats good to hear about no melting. And i was wondering about wattage for the ballast if i eventually go HID. I just gotta wait awhile when i go enough to splurge on an kit for it. may just go with some upgraded halogen bulbs till then.

    nice avalanche btw. great looking trucks.

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